How to create dvd?

In order to learn how to record dvd, you need to master one of the video recording programs and spend 5 minutes of time. So how to burn dvd?

First you need to install one of the programs that allow you to record information from your computer to an external drive. The most popular programs are listed below:

  • Nero;
  • DVDStyler;
  • DVD Flic;
  • Bombono DVD.

Now go to the question - how to create a dvd disc. The algorithm for all programs is the same:

  1. insert the disc into the drive;
  2. open the previously installed program;
  3. select the files you want to copy;
  4. select the folder where the source files will be saved;
  5. set the required video resolution on the disk;
  6. Click the button "Create DVD".

Depending on the version of the program, the steps may change places. But the basic principle remains.

How to create dvd menu?

For the convenience of working with video files on the disc can be divided using the DVD menu. In order to create a dvd disc menu, it is necessary during the DVD recording after the last step, when the video is recorded on the disc, select the menu item. Button names in different programs may vary slightly.Next, we set the menu style and its text.

How to create a dvd disk image?

Creating a DVD image is very useful and necessary in many cases, since the disk image exactly copies the contents of the disc and writes it into one file. To create the image you need the program "Alcohol 120%". Next, insert the disk from which we will make an image. Run the program. In the appeared window you will need to specify the speed of reading the disc. You can leave the default settings. Then select the folder where to record the image. Click "Start". After some time, the image will be recorded in the specified location.

It is also possible to burn an image from a computer to an external drive. To do this, in the basic algorithm in step 3, select the option “Burn disc from image”, select the folder with the image and click “Start”.

How to create a bootable dvd?

A bootable DVD is a disc that allows you to install programs on a computer. Including Windows or any other operating system. In order to create a bootable dvd, you need to burn boot files or a boot image with the operating system. When recording in the penultimate step of the basic algorithm, select “No emulation” in the “Emulation Type” section. Next, select the "Sticker" tab and in the window that appears, select "More fields".If necessary, select the language in which the download will take place. We start recording disc.

How to create a DVD file?

In order to convert existing videos to DVD format, you need to install a special program (for example VideoMASTER). Run the program, select the desired video and select DVD as a conversion option.

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