How to create a directory?

Catalogs allow us to conveniently sort information and submit it in the version that is most comfortable for viewing. In addition to paper catalogs, electronic ones are very popular today, as they allow you to send information via e-mail or post directories on Internet sites.

Creating a directory

Paper catalogs are usually published in fairly large quantities. In this case, one catalog can be used for a long time, so it is important that it be printed on high-quality paper. Most often, catalogs are printed on glossy paper. High quality printing and hard cover can significantly extend the service time of the catalog and make it more attractive in the eyes of potential customers.

On the first page of the catalog you must put the release date, the name of the catalog, the type of goods that it contains, as well as the name of the company. Photos in the catalog should be clear and high-quality, so it is important to invite an experienced photographer to shoot products.Prices must be clearly indicated and highlighted so that the consumer can quickly find it on the page. To facilitate the layout of the layout, before you create a catalog of goods, you must collect all the information about the goods: name, photo, price and article. For more convenience, combine the products in the catalog into separate thematic sections. This will allow the reader to quickly find what interests him most.

Entrepreneurs are often interested in how to create a catalog that would help sell more units of a certain product. The answer is very simple: attract extra attention to this product. The easiest way to do this is to place such markers on the product page as “Favorable price”, “Consumer choice”, “Discount” and others. This way you can attract the attention of buyers to a particular product.

Digital catalogue

In order to improve convenience, as well as savings on catalog printing, many today create electronic catalogs of goods. Often the electronic catalog is just a paper layout and can be saved in a PDF file. The specificity of electronic publications is that the information in them is perceived a little differently.In addition, they must be adapted to different devices: computers, tablets, phones.

Before you create an electronic catalog, it is advisable that you familiarize yourself with the specifics of information perception in electronic form. There are special programs for creating catalogs, for example, MyBusinessCatalog. They allow you to create a catalog based on ready-made templates or to make your own unique design. Such programs allow you to create directories in various formats: txt, doc, pdf and others.

If you want to place an electronic catalog on the Internet, turn your attention to the CMS for sites. Based on them, you can create a convenient and beautiful directory. In addition, for popular CMS, there are ready-made add-ons, based on which you can quickly create almost any directory. The interface of such add-ons is simple and intuitive, so no special skills will be needed to create a catalog.

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