How to create a boot image?

Galina Devyatkina
Galina Devyatkina
October 1, 2014
How to create a boot image?

If you had to download an operating system from the Internet, then you can imagine what a bootable ISO image is. If not, then with an example you can learn how to create a bootable Windows 7 disk.

And with this step-by-step instruction, you will learn how you can create a boot image.

Boot image

First you need to download and install the Alcohol 120% program. Then you can proceed directly to creating a boot image.

  1. Place the disk from which you want to make an image in the drive.
  2. Open the main window of the program Alcohol 120%.
  3. On the left side you will see the button "create images". Click on it.
  4. An image creation wizard should appear in front of you. In this window, select the drive where the drive you want. Now you can get all the necessary information about this disk, for example, how much space you need to overwrite the disk. Now it is possible to use additional settings.Sometimes the program Alcohol 120% can skip reading errors, which is very useful during the creation of images for old or just damaged disks. But so far, you do not need any of this, so feel free to click "Next." In the new window you should:
    • Select the folder in which the resulting image will be saved.
    • Select image format. Do not change the format of the image, if you do not have a good reason.
    • Select image name. For the name of the image you need to use only Latin letters to avoid reading errors.
  5. If everything suits you, then click "Start". Began creating an image. When everything is ready, you will see a report on the successful completion of the task, and the drive will automatically open. If an error occurred during the creation of the image, check the box “skip reading errors” in the first window of the image creation wizard.

Boot disk

To burn the finished image to disk, insert a blank disc into the drive.

  1. Open Alcohol 120%.
  2. In the dialog box, you will see the image file you just created. It must be highlighted by pressing the left mouse button.
  3. Now click on the write operation of the CD / DVD from the image. Its label is on the left side.
  4. Then click "Next" and "Start", after which the recording of the disk image will begin.

Bootable flash drive

To make a bootable USB flash drive we need the program Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool.

  1. Run the program and in the first window specify the path to the ISO image.
  2. Select a USB record.
  3. Confirm the selection of the desired flash drive.

Now wait until the process of copying files is completed.

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