How to cook peach compote for the winter without sterilization - photo recipe

How to cook a peach compote for the winter without sterilization

How to cook a peach compote for the winter

If you want to treat yourself to the delicious compote of peaches, but do not want to sterilize the cans, boil the lids, do not despair and refuse to conceive, we offer you several recipes of compote made from peaches that do not require a long process of sterilization.


The main thing is to follow a few rules for handling containers and fruits: choose only good fruits and wash them thoroughly, wash the cans with soda in hot water, then rinse with boiling water. Remember that blanks with sterilization are stored longer and better.


Peach compote for the winter


First, let's try a recipe for making a seedless drink. Take a kilogram of solid ripe peaches, 350 grams of granulated sugar, 600 grams of water and a little citric acid. After we have removed the stems and washed the peaches, they need to be peeled.


It will be removed much easier if you pre-pour the fruit with boiling water. "Naked" peach cut in half and take out the bone. Fold the halves in a jar and pour syrup. To make it, dissolve the sugar in boiling water, for a three-liter jar is better to take a half cup.


Leave the peaches for a few minutes, then boil the syrup again, do not forget to add citric acid. Return the syrup to the jars. Now you can close the compote lids (for reliability they are better to boil). It is better to cool the cans in an inverted form.


Compote of apricots with bones


Many prefer the drink with bones, because the latter add a pleasant bitterness and piquancy. Let's try to make such a compote without sterilization. Medium size fruits will be required for seaming, it should be convenient to put them in jars (about 500 g), we take 300 g of sugar per liter of water. We will thoroughly examine the peaches and select only hard fruits without damage, we will put them in the banks, pre-scalded with boiling water. It is better that they take half the jar.


How to cook a peach compote for the winter without sterilization


Fill the fruit with boiling water, twist the lid and leave for 15-20 minutes. After the necessary time, we pour out the water and prepare a syrup on its basis: put it on the fire, add sugar, boil for a few minutes. Re-fill the fruit and tighten the lid.Remember that you should not keep compote for more than a year, the fact is that the bone contains poisonous hydrocyanic acid. In case of too long storage this substance will pass into fruits and will be able to harm your health.


Compote in a multivariate


To save time and power will help the miracle of technology - the slow cooker. Try to cook in it a compote of peaches for the winter. Ingredients will take a little: peaches, sugar and water. We clean the fruits, take a bone out of them, lay the multicooker in the bowl. Now pour the water so that it reaches the last mark of the pan. We include the stewing program or soup, the cooking time should be at least an hour. Immediately after the end, turn off the temperature maintenance mode.

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