How to cook beef heart

It cannot be said that fresh beef heart is a product that is constantly present on the table. However, if you know how to cook a beef heart, it makes amazing dishes. The heart itself is a by-product that belongs to the first category, which, thanks to its properties, is often valued above the meat.

In modern cooking, the heart is used extremely widely. It is baked, fried, boiled and even stewed. Prepare it whole and in crushed form. Boiled heart is ideal for salads, snacks and pies. Often at home in boiled form, it is used as a filling for pancakes and pies.

4 beef heart recipes

Cooking at Home Beef Heart Stew

Virtually any housewife can cook stew. I will reveal the secret of extinguishing a tasty and healthy heart.

  • half a kilo of beef heart
  • a little flour
  • medium bulb
  • half tablespoon of sugar
  • Vinegar, oil and tomato paste - two tablespoons
  1. Beef heart is good to wash and chop into pieces.
  2. Pre-salt, fry it in butter. At the end of frying, sprinkle with flour and hold on the fire for about two minutes. After all to shift to the pan.
  3. Pour water into a frying pan and bring to a boil. The result is a sauce. Strain it and add to the pan with offal. Next, add one and a half cups of clean water and leave on low heat for three hours.
  4. Chop onions and fry in a pan. Then add the tomato paste, vinegar, sugar and bay leaf, let it boil, and leave to stew for half an hour. When the fire is over, send the contents of the pan to the pan and add salt.
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On the garnish, I recommend to serve buckwheat porridge, rice, cooked in any way, potatoes or pasta. For dessert, perfect classic sponge cake. Finally, we add that, in addition to this method, the beef heart can be cooked like beef stew.

Beef heart in a classic way

Beef heart, kidneys and liver are considered products whose processing and preparation require the right approach. The easiest way to cook is boiling in lightly salted water.

It should be noted that before the preparation itself, the product must be properly prepared. The list of works is presented by washing, removing excess fat and films. Before cooking, it is better to soak for several hours in water at room temperature. As a result, excess blood will be released from the product. During the specified time, replace the water several times.

To make the boiled meat become soft, it is slightly beaten off with a special kitchen hammer. At the same time it is necessary to try so that the integrity remains unbroken. As soon as the preparatory procedures are completed, you can begin cooking.

  1. For cooking, take an average pot, pour cold water into it. Water should completely cover it.
  2. Cook on low heat for about three hours. Salt, whole bay leaves, seasonings and pepper are added during cooking.
  3. When the heart is cooked, get it out of the pan and allow it to cool.

It remains to divide the dish into portions. Boiled in this way the heart goes well with mashed potatoes.

Beef heart stuffed with cheese and mushrooms

Now I will tell the secret of cooking stuffed with mushrooms and cheese beef heart. Getting started.

  • one big beef heart
  • hard cheese - 150 grams
  • mushrooms - 250 grams
  • tomato sauce - 2-3 spoonfuls
  • vegetable oil
  • cabbage, leek, greens.
  1. Wash fresh by-product thoroughly, remove blood vessels and cut lengthwise. Mushrooms, can be oyster mushrooms, chop and fry well.
  2. Add the onion, sliced ​​into strips or ringlets, grated cheese, spices and salt. Fill the heart with the mixture, then bandage with a special thread to make a roll.
  3. Send the dish to an oven heated to medium temperature for 120 minutes. During cooking, periodically water the meat with juice that flows from it.
  4. For a quarter of an hour until cooked, add finely chopped cabbage and leek into the fat, and pour the roll over the sauce. Then everything is sent back to the oven for crusting and roasting vegetables.

Serve hot, and potatoes are best served as a garnish. Often this dish is served cool. Roll must be cut into rings and used for sandwiches, toast and sandwiches.

Goulash Recipe for Beef Heart

If goulash is cooked actively, it will take only half an hour. In the passive mode, cooking takes an hour and a half.A total of four servings.

  • big beef heart
  • three bell peppers
  • large onion
  • can of canned tomatoes 200 g
  • two glasses of broth
  • 5 slices of bacon
  • oil for frying, pepper, starch, salt, paprika and chili
  1. Beef heart is good to wash and remove the film and veins. It is better to do this with your bare hands. If there is no time to mess with it, you can purchase a product prepared for processing on the market.
  2. Cut the offal into cubes, the size of a cherry. Onions cut into thin half-rings, and bacon into small cubes. Bulgarian pepper is recommended to cut into slices, and chili - in small pieces.
  3. Heat the oven or oven to two hundred degrees. In a scallop or large saucepan, heat oil, put chopped bacon and fry for a few minutes. Only then add the onion. As soon as it becomes translucent, put the paprika and chili. After a minute, bacon and onions can be laid out on a plate. Next, add a drop of vegetable oil and fry the heart pieces.
  4. When the meat turns rosy, return the onion to the pan, add the tomatoes and the Bulgarian pepper.After the dish is salted, pepper and broth is added. It is important to ensure that the liquid completely covers the pieces of the heart. Next, send the pan to the oven for 90 minutes.

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Is the beef heart useful?

Finally, we recall that beef heart is considered a product of the first category. In other words, it is practically not inferior to beef in nutritional value. And, in some moments, the meat is even inferior. So, it contains much more vitamins and iron than beef.

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There is an opinion that this by-product is difficult for digestion. I dare to assure you that this is far from being the case. The amount of fat in it is 4 times less than in meat. At the same time, it contains about the same amount of minerals, vitamins and proteins. Plus, it is a low-calorie product. It is not surprising that professional nutritionists are advised to use it.

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