How to connect a laptop to the TV?

It’s no secret that today’s computer technologies are developing very rapidly, which is why laptops and netbooks have become widespread, and more recently tablets, not to mention the fact that, as a rule, many users at home also have stationary computers Many owners of portable computers, often carry them to work, carry to the country.

The advantages of laptops and the like are as follows: compactness, Wi-fi, Bluetooth receivers, card readers (SD, microSD and others), battery operation. There are drawbacks, but they are not so noticeable: the low parameters of the hardware compared to conventional computers, the touchpad, and the small size of the display. The latter will be discussed in our article.

It is very inconvenient to watch a movie on a small laptop or netbook, a small screen, weak speakers. A reasonable question arises: "How to connect a laptop to a TV and enjoy watching your favorite movies in good quality?" The solution to this problem is more obvious than you might think.Everyone in the house has a TV, another question is the old lamp or modern LCD TV. The latter are also very common, since in our time there is no point in buying a bulky TV when you can buy a flat LCD TV. They cost of course, more expensive, but the image quality is excellent, some even have a 3d function that allows you to watch some movies that we watch in theaters with 3d-glasses. In addition, it can be not only put on a special table or cabinet, but also hung on the wall or even embedded in it.

It is worth noting that the television signal has a very low resolution by today's standards - 720x576 pixels. Plasma and Liquid Crystal TVs adapt the image with the help of scale to their resolution. But most TVs have a maximum resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, so it makes sense to watch movies of the same resolution through TV. Also, TVs are produced in different brands, laptops also have different video cards, and they contact in different ways. Almost always the image has to be customized both in the TV itself and in the settings of the laptop’s video card.This should be taken into account, since the distortion may be different, the image may be blurred, cropped, or the TV will not show anything at all. Almost all of these problems can be solved, unless they require an individual approach, by connecting through various video outputs and applying various settings.

Let's see how to connect a laptop to the TV and enjoy watching lying on the couch, rather than sitting at the table. The best way to connect these two devices is through video outputs. Let's see what video outputs are, and what better to use.

  • HDMI- the most convenient and quality the best way to connect. Most flat-screen TVs usually have two (and sometimes three) HDMI video outputs.
  • DVI- This type of connectors are more common than HDMI connectors, but they transmit the same video signal, and using a cable or an adapter you can connect the input and output for a video signal.
  • VGA- this connector is used when the computer does not have a digital video output. In addition, digital video outputs VGA transmits the signal of the best quality.
  • Classic video outputs- poorly transmit video signal for a large screen TV.The image with this connection in most cases will be blurred.
  • S-video- this connector transmits only an analog video signal. Most televisions have such outputs and are usually used to connect devices such as a video camera.

To get started, look at your laptop for video outputs, they may look like this:

Also check the TV for the presence of the same video outputs. The best option is to connect devices via HDMI, in case both of these sockets are present on the panels of the laptop and TV. If the laptop has a HDMI-out, but not on the TV (or vice versa), then you can use an adapter.

If both HDMI outputs are absent there, you should connect via VGA, S-video or DVI outputs. With the help of such wires, monitors are connected to the system unit in computers, so the same wires can be used to connect the monitor to your laptop, if necessary.

A significant advantage of HDMI over DVI is that HDMI is an advanced version of DVI, which also transmits sound. DVI, like HDMI, transmits digital video, VGA and S-video - analog video.If you choose VGA, S-video and DVI, you will also have to use the audio system, connecting it via audio outputs. Audio outputs can transmit sound from 2.0 (stereo), such as headphones or 2 speakers, to 7.1.

To get a really high-quality sound, you can connect a laptop and a home cinema via HDMI, and from the cinema you can stretch the HDMI cable to the TV.

Sit back and enjoy the quality of the image! Now you know how to connect a laptop to the TV!

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