How to conduct wiring in a private house

Installation of electrical wiring in a newly built wooden house can be made only after all the agreements with the energy sales company. First you should write an application for connecting the building to the power grid. The arriving specialist must calculate the load and draw up the official wiring diagram certified by the responsible persons. The period of all approvals sometimes takes considerable time. According to the rules for registration of the documentation scheme is given 1 month.

During this period, you can purchase the necessary materials: wiring, cable channels, junction boxes, switches, meter, necessary tools. To purchase a transaction, you need to know its cross section, which is also calculated by an accredited specialist. Only after all approvals have been completed, you can invite a wiring specialist or do the installation yourself.

The owner of the house should know the basic rules of how to conduct electrical wiring, if it became necessary to replace or initial installation:

  • The outlet is better to install at a height of 30 cm from the floor. The switches are mounted in rooms behind the doorway at a height of 1.5 m.

  • In wooden houses, after finishing the finishing works, open wiring is carried out.

  • The wires are laid in a special cable - a channel that is designed to isolate the wires from the walls.

  • In capital buildings it is permissible to conduct hidden wiring, under the plaster.

  • Connection is made by an open air line from a pole to a special mount on the wall of the house. A responsible power supply company is responsible for connecting.

  • Simultaneously with the installation of electrical wiring is installed electric meter.

  • When buying it, you need to pay attention to the year of calibration.

  • The expired verification period serves as the basis for refusal to connect the meter to the power grid.

  • The connected meter seals the representative of the service organization and issues a subscription book.

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