How to communicate with a man

How to communicate with a manHow to communicate with a man? It's simple - no neurosurgery or higher mathematics. But it is surprising how many women drive themselves to a standstill just because they do not know how to communicate freely. How many opportunities do the representatives of the fair sex lose because they do not know how to signal: I am open for communication! My ex-ward, Stephanie, who got married safely, sent me a letter. (I’ll go back to chapter 24 on the story and letter of Stephanie). After the graduation meeting, she wrote to me: “I was the only woman who was not afraid of open views,” I used to look at men like that. But I had to look away because I was married. ” She told how she was sitting with her friends at a table, and two men approached them twice in the evening to meet them. She noted with dismay: “The girls did not answer them. They, like snails, hid in their shells. They did not understand anything at all! Miss this opportunity! ”


Think, how do you behave in public? How to communicate with a man? Ask your friends: “If you saw me at a party, would you come to me?” Find out how you look from the side.Ask a friend to watch you. You will be surprised: sometimes, determination causes a person to emit openness vibes. Try to find out if you are making an impression of a closed, closed or unapproachable person.


Try to get out of your comfort zone. Go to someone and talk to him. Just say hello and ask a couple of questions. Get to know Without any backward thoughts - this is how normal people meet. If you ask married couples how they met, it turns out that many of them met by chance, but one of them took the initiative and introduced himself.

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