How to close applications on android

Make sure that the application is really frozen, and there is no possibility to close it in a regular way with preliminary saving of data. Sometimes it is enough to wait for about a minute, and the program starts to react to user actions again. If the application is frozen and does not “wake up”, you will have to accept the loss of unsaved data from its forced closure.
Log in to the task manager. There is no single standard for launching it on Android. In some smartphones, for this you need to quickly double-click the “Home” button, in others - to hold it for a long time, and so on. On tablets, there is usually a separate “List of Applications” button.
On the phone, the task manager will open in full screen, on the tablet it will be presented in the form of a vertical column on the left side of the screen. It may look like a mosaic of some images with brief captions or as a list consisting of horizontal lines with pictures, explanations and buttons. If you just click on the picture, it will switch to this program.Some task managers continue to display recently launched, but already closed applications. In this case, clicking on the picture will restart the program.
But now your task is not to switch between programs, but to close the one that “hangs”. If there is a “Close” button in the corresponding line, click on it and the application will disappear from the list. In the future, it can be run again. If there is no such button, “whisk” the image corresponding to the application, depending on the device model, up or sideways. The result will be the same.

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