How to clean off the paint

You will need
  • Bulgarian or a drill, chemicals (these can be special paint washers or solvents), a building or heat dryer.
Mechanical method: Cleaning the surface of the paint produced by mechanical "helpers". Basically, these are power tools. The most common of them are: the Bulgarian (angle grinder) and the usual electric drill with a circle of emery blades, like the grinder. For rough work using circles of 40 size. The grain is large, so the circle will often not be clogged. Such a tool is convenient to clean large areas. For safety reasons, wear protective eyewear. The mechanical method of removing paint can also be attributed to the use of various pointed scrapers. Work by them is done manually. To do this, use scrapers with a width of no more than 30 mm. So the load on the hands will be insignificant and you will not get very tired, and the scraper will be blunt much less. It is desirable that it was made of hardened steel with a thickness of 2 mm.
How to clear <strong> paint </ strong>
Chemical method: This method of removing paint is carried out with the help of chemicals. Before starting work, be sure to wear rubber gloves and goggles. If the work will take place indoors, then take care of its ventilation in advance. Surfaces that you will not clear of paint should be protected with a sheet of plywood or cardboard. If you use newspapers for protection, put them in several layers. As chemicals, you can use a special paint washer or solvent.
Apply a layer with a brush (if liquid solvent is used) or a spatula (in the case of a thick wash) and wait 10 to 40 minutes - depends on the manufacturer. During this time, the paint should soften or swell. Now scrape the softenedpaintnarrow elastic spatula.
How to clear <strong> paint </ strong>
Thermal method: With this method, use special thermal hair dryers. They blow air at a temperature of 250 to 600 degrees. The blower nozzle gets very hot, so be careful. Take care of ventilation if work will be done indoors. Hold the hair dryer at a distance of 35-60 cm from the surface and warm up small areas.As soon as the paint starts to bubble, clean the dryer and scrub it off. Do not hold the device for a long time in one place, as you can burn the surface. Some models of hair dryers immediately come with a scraper, it allows you to warm up and removepaintwith one hand.
How to clear <strong> paint </ strong>

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