How to clean a fur coat at home?


Because of small specks and dirt, I do not want to drag a fur coat into a dry cleaner. Moreover, there it can easily be spoiled, and not all points accept fur for cleaning. To clean the coat yourself need a little patience.

When it is required to clean a fur coat

For a start, let's figure out when to clean the fur coat. Everyone knows that the service life of fur products is quite long. The rabbit spoils the fastest, its warranty period is 4 years, the arctic fox you will wear up to 7 years, the mink will delight you for the whole 12 years, but otter fur and beaver are the true long-liver among such products - their warranty period reaches 2 decades.

How to clean a fur coat at home?

The main signs of fur coat wear:

dust contamination with a touch;
loss of color uniformity;
presence of debris among villi;
the presence of tangled knots, lumps, split ends on the fibers.

What manipulations are forbidden to make with fur coats:

wash, wash, soak with water and detergents of any type;
dry over the flame, near the battery, heater.After getting wet on the street, the fur coat is dried in a ventilated room, but not where it is drafted, and not near the radiator;

Remember the rules of handling fur products in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

iron fur is strictly prohibited. This advice may look strange, but based on the statistics of dry cleaners, many girls bring fur coats, ironed on the lining. It seemed to them that the fur coat was wrinkled, therefore they decided to iron it. This can not be done!

Fur cleaning dust from their own hands

After being in the closet, even with the presence of a cover, the fur coat falls down to dust. To clean the fur coat from dust, it must be gently shaken or whipped.

Someone is cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, but this is not the best option, because direct air flow is undesirable for lint.

How to clean a fur coat at home?

The fur coat is perfectly cleaned using a coarse brush for cats or dogs. Similar metal hairbrush is available in every pet store, so if you have a fur product, buy this accessory.

To comb a fur coat is important at least 2 times a month, after all any fur and a pile adore careful leaving.

Cleaning fur coats at home

Consider options for cleaning coats at home from different types of fur:

Fox fur coat.

For caring for the fur coat, a solution of ammonia will be required: about 1 tsp. alcohol, 3 tsp salt and ½ liter of water. This mixture moistened cotton wool and combed out fur to eliminate stains. The final touch is the drying of the fur coat.

Mink coat.

The process of cleaning mink fur will help to give shine to the down. And this is the main task in this situation. Shine is lost because of the washing out of fat, which is introduced like this:

in 1 liter of boiling water dissolve 100 grams of fat (fish or pork) and 10 grams of soap;

Any type of fur has its own characteristics, so it is important to know which products are suitable for cleaning each of them.

constantly stirring the ingredients, pour in 12 drops of ammonia;
cool the composition to 35 degrees and lubricate the coat with a brush.

Rabbit fur coat.

The initial cleaning of the rabbit fur is provided with a comb. Then the cotton wool moistened in vinegar 5% or peroxide 5% is taken. She treated villi in the direction of growth. After that, the remnants of cleaning products are removed with slightly moistened cotton, ensuring that the base does not get wet from the skin.

Karakul fur coat.

If the karakul gray is yellowed, then it is lightened by using 3-5% peroxide solution - a proportion of 1 tsp. on 1 tbsp. water, plus a couple of drops of ammonia.

How to clean a fur coat at home?

Fur coat of otter or beaver.

Fur coats from such fur are cleaned with heated dry sand. Put the fur coat face up on a flat surface, cover with sand and rub with your hands. Dirty sand should be shaken off and cleaned again. Repeat the procedure until the fur is completely clean.

Step by step instructions for cleaning fur

So, consider the detailed instructions for cleaning the fur coats yourself:

To begin with, carefully, but carefully knock out the fur coat, and then clean it with a brush moistened with gasoline. Light-colored fur, so that it does not turn yellow, smear with peroxide mixed with water (1 spoon per 1 liter). If the fur is yellowed, then wipe it with a solution with a higher concentration, but over the top of the pile;
if the fur coat has taken hold, then grease it with a slightly moistened sponge to soak the villi. Then comb the fur in the growth direction and let it dry. After drying - knock out;
Sheepskin is cleaned with a solution of soap with ammonia and frequent water changes. Get ammonia and dilute 1: 5 with water. In it wet a fleece and walk on the greasy site. Then walk with a sponge, moistened in the composition of vinegar and water (1 tsp. 1 liter).Now carefully moisten the moisture with gauze and dry in natural conditions. After the sheepskin coat is completely dry, wipe the surface with an eraser. The final stage will be wiping things with a brush for suede;
peeling potatoes is not always worth throwing away. Sometimes they help a lot. Rinse them with water and grind in a meat grinder, pour in a couple of drops of ammonia. A mixture of rubbed old fur and stale suede. Apply to a dirty stain and brush over it, and then carefully rinse and wipe dry. Dried then at normal temperature;

At observance of simple rules of cleaning, your fur coat will always please a look with a pleasant look and will keep quality for long term.

if the light fur is too dirty, then gasoline and starch will come to the rescue. Starch is required to mix with filtered gasoline. The resulting product is treated with villi and left to dry. After a fur coat properly shake;
in order to return the softness of the fur coat will help the yolk, glycerin and vaseline. Pound the yolk with 1 spoon of vaseline, pour in ½ liter of warm water. Means lubricates the base of the fur, dries and kneads, stretching in different directions;
in order to return the product elasticity, the skin-based process with glycerin, which is diluted in pure water;
to get rid of the roughness of the mezdra it will be necessary to moisten it with a solution of vinegar (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water), mash and carefully pull in different directions. Manipulations repeat 2-3 times with an interval of a couple of hours. After that, stretch the fur coat and dry it. Then again mash and process emulsion of fat (100 g of castorca and 20 drops of ammonia per 1 l of heated water). Then you need to hold the fur coat in folded form for 4 hours, then unroll and dry again;
fatty contamination from the light colored shine is removed with a composition of ammonia, salt and water (1 tsp, 3 tsp and ½ liter);

How to clean a fur coat at home?

To achieve a pleasant and lasting shine of the pile, it is rubbed with a cloth moistened with acetic essence. Another option is ground walnuts, which need to be poured into 2 layers of gauze and smeared with fur with such a pad. The fur coat absorbs the walnut oil and gets a beautiful shine;
products made of non-natural fur are sometimes sprinkled with an antistatic. It will help to avoid pollution and remove static electricity, which attracts dust;
unnatural fur can be cleaned by creating a soap solution. About 3 spoons of synthetic remedy are mixed with 1 liter of water, whipping into a foam.Then it is collected on the brush and wipe the pile with foam. Remnants are removed with a natural cloth.

Fur coat from dark fur

In order to give beauty to a dark fur coat, you need to purchase bran (a bio-additive) and take ½ tbsp. walnuts. Bran is heated in an oven or microwave up to 65 degrees. Now rub the tool into the fur, making movements as when washing with your hands, until the moment when the bran does not absorb all the pollution.

Now chop the nuts into flour and tie them with a double layer of gauze. With this "bag" wipe the pile from root to tip. Oil nourishes the hairs, and they will get a beautiful shine.

Fur coat

Home remedies help clean the coat of light fur effectively. For cleaning you need semolina and starch. This sprinkle the fur coat and carefully combed out.

Alcohol solution, vinegar based compounds, peroxide - all this effectively removes dirt and grease stains. But on natural fur, the use of such tools is associated with considerable risk. When the proportions are exceeded and the mixture gets on the core, the product deteriorates noticeably.

How to clean a fur coat at home?

Someone advises to clean the bright coat using shampoo for dogs.The idea, of course, curious, but it lacks common sense. Consider 2 methods of cleaning light fur:

First option.

Starch becomes the best option. They fall asleep well with fur and wipe until the powder is collected all the dirt. After the manipulations, the fur coat is carefully shaken out and combed. If a very gray powder comes out of the fur, then the manipulations are repeated.

Features of cleaning dark and light fur differ. Consider this point when choosing a means.

To clean old sheepskin, they also use starch. Then from the broom flask the edge is sprayed with a solution based on powder for washing, and the composition is smeared over the coat with hands. After drying the composition, it is required to brush it off, shake it and comb it through the puhoderka.

The second option.

You can clean the polluted fur yourself like this: sprinkle the villi with an adsorbent that absorbs dirt. In the role of it, bran of wheat or rye, dried sawdust from deciduous trees will do. Another option is semolina, potato flour and starch. Furs neatly rub their hands, so that dirt absorbed in the tool. After it is shaken off and carefully cleaned off the pile with a brush.

Proper storage of fur

Finally, consider the rules for storing fur:

before you put the coat in storage after the winter, it must be thoroughly dried in a room or in the shade outside;
then gently shake or shake out the fur coat. A suitable storage method will be in a bag of paper or polyethylene with an investment against the moth. But in the case of polyethylene ensure the ingress of air. Otherwise, the fur deteriorates;
so that in the course of storage the cover is not wrinkled, it is not folded on the shelf, but is hung in the closet;
because light-colored fur turns yellow because of the light, then the fur coat is kept in a tight case;
it is not necessary to hang nearby things from dyed fur and natural, since the dyed shed;

How to clean a fur coat at home?

do not hang a fur coat near the whitewashed wall, lime adversely affects the nap;
if the fur coat is taken up, then wipe it with a moistened sponge, and then shake and dry;
a headdress made of fur is best stored in a box or a sheath of paper.

How not to stain a fur coat

So that you do not have to clean the fur, then consider tips that will tell you how not to get a fur coat dirty:

protect the fur from direct exposure to the sun.In addition, I do not like the coat and bright artificial lighting. You probably noticed that the products hanging in the store, already look unattractive. Instead of a snow-white or milky shade, fur becomes yellowish;

In order not to have to get rid of difficult to remove contaminants, observe some precautions when wearing fur coats.

save the fur from pests. Mole and beetle bugs love to feast on fur, especially by the fact that they are in the closet for a long time. To protect the coat from insects can be the right way to store in a case with perforations and the addition of sprigs of lavender;
make sure that there are no stains from cosmetics and perfume. Spirits and tonal foundations are enemies of fur. Apply perfume ahead of time, and only then wear a fur coat. Tonal foundations are no less dangerous. Wear a scarf around your neck to protect your fur;
Avoid contact with accessories from nubuck and suede. If the bag is made of them, then it is important to ensure that they do not touch, and of course they do not rub, about fur. Light will easily stain to the shade of the bag, and dark can simply lose luster.

We looked at the most popular ways to clean furs at home.But remember that before using any of them it is worthwhile to conduct a test test on an inconspicuous site in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. In addition, you should not immediately try aggressive methods using peroxide, vinegar, etc. Wrong combination and proportion of a lot of harm to the product of fur.

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