How to choose the perfect bed for your baby?

When a small miracle is born in a family, life changes radically for everyone. In one exciting day the kid becomes the meaning of life, and every normal parent does everything to ensure that his little miracle absolutely everything was the best. Today we will talk about choosing the right bed for a baby.

Many parents often have a question about how many years it is best to "evict" a small child into a full, independent bed. It depends on several factors. The first is the physical data of the child. If it is tall enough and grows fast, do not keep it in the cradle for long.

The second factor is the willingness of parents to let at least a little of the child from himself. After a crib, most likely, will be located in another room and you will have to learn, not to control every breath of the baby. Basically, to buy a baby a crib needs about 2-3 years. And the rest is purely individual.

It is no secret to anyone that a bed is the basis of a healthy and restful sleep. Therefore, it is in your interest to try to choose furniture that will fully meet all standards. Especially for a child. After all, the stronger he sleeps, the more calmly parents live.

What are the?

Since today, furniture manufacturers are more interested than ever in attracting customers, they are trying to invent new, useful for human specimens. Consider the latest fashions of cribs.

From wood

The most useful material is natural. Therefore, for furniture that is designed for the baby, the tree would be ideal. Depending on what type of wood is used in the manufacture of a children's bed, its price will vary.

The most inexpensive are aspen beds. They look pretty only in the first weeks and this is their fault. Later, scratches and scuffs appear on them and very quickly the new furniture seems to be transformed into a cot, which the grandmother handed down.

In the markets you can see a lot of cots for the baby, made of pine or spruce wood.They will look great, but before you make a purchase, be sure to consult your doctor. Pine is a strong allergen, and a long stay in it can cause severe health problems in a child.

The most neutral and to some extent useful material are: oak, birch, beech. Therefore, it is desirable to buy furniture for the child from them.

Attic for baby

This is a real find for residents of small apartments and houses. Bed - an attic is designed for older children: from two years. Their main drawback is due to the fact that they are located high above the floor level. Although with a competent organization of space your child will not be in danger.

Under the crib of this style you can easily accommodate various shelves and lockers for things. Agree, it is quite practical. It can be a key object in the overall design of the room.

Beds - toys

Perhaps this is the dream of any small child. This is a great opportunity to give the kid a fairy tale. Despite the bizarre shapes and design, these beds are comfortable. If you buy a quality mattress on them, then your child will be provided with a comfortable and fabulous dream.


Bunk is an ideal option for families with two children of different ages. On the second floor, you can settle the older baby, well, on the first - a tiny baby.

What to look for when buying?

It should be stable, so the legs should not stagger or podkashivatsya. The legs should fix the entire structure and maintain sufficient weight.

Buy baby cots that adjust the height of the railing. It is quite convenient and will allow you to adjust the height depending on the age of the baby.

The distance between the bylets should be small (4-5cm). It will be enough for the child to see the world around.

It is advisable to ventilate the bed every week, removing the mattress and blankets from it. This will allow furniture longer to maintain the perfect look.

It is necessary to choose a bed for the baby with love and then nothing disturbed his quivering sleep.

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