How to choose the door to the apartment

Carefully inspect the surface of the door. Hillocks, blotches, open pores and various microscopic debris indicate the poor quality of the door. Run your hand over the door leaf. The presence of roughness and discomfort give the product, made in violation of technology. If, with a slight pressure, to hold the nail with a fingernail, a lacquer will peel off on the low-quality door and a trace will remain.
Take a look at the door from the end, it should be smooth. Discard the door if you notice a figure-eight deflection. It occurs when the wood is not properly dried and only increases significantly over time. Check the side ends, which should be smooth like a canvas.
If there are glass inserts in the door, shake it slightly. Loose glasses will start rattling. Also note that if there are stains on the matte side of the glass, it will be impossible to remove them at home. Examine the baguette door for gaps, cracks and protrusions at the joints of frames and grilles.
The outer layer of the door is usually MDF, chipboard or fiberboard.Ask, what material is made panel your door. Cheap chipboard allocates formaldehyde, therefore it is preferable to the door with MDF panel. Good performance have doors of composite materials. They are made of MDF, veneered with precious wood and covered with impregnation.
The lacquer is recognized as a more resistant coating for doors, and wax, revealing the structure of wood, makes it practically impossible to distinguish framed doors from solid wood products. In addition, MDF doors are less susceptible to deformation than wood. By the way, choosing doors from an array, remember that they can not be subjected to moisture and sudden temperature changes. Otherwise, the door can “lead”, and the so-called “propeller effect” will arise.

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