How to choose high-quality olive oil

Olive oil is used in cooking, cosmetology and for health purposes. For its valuable properties, it is called "liquid gold." Learn how to choose the right olive oil to get a really high-quality product.

What olive oil to choose

The main indicator of high quality olive oil is free acidity, that is, the concentration of organic acids. On the label must be indicated this figure per 100 ml. Values ​​range from 0.8º to 2º, the lower the indicator, the better the product quality and its beneficial properties.

You should know that in refined oil this value is artificially underestimated due to the use of chemical reagents.

how to choose olive oil
Just knowing how to choose olive oil, you can buy a really useful product.
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To choose the right olive oil, you should consider its grade. It can be natural (Virgin), refined (Refined) and pressed from the cake (Pomace). The best is considered "liquid gold" from the first group.

In stores most commonly found products with the following marking:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a real pantry of useful items.
  • Olive Oil is a mixture of pure and refined product.
  • Pomace Olive Oil is a blend of second-pressed oil with purified and natural.

In organic dishes use only the product labeled Virgin. It is ideal for salads, dressings and sauces. But we must remember that oil is a little bitter.

A mixture of pure and refined oils is used to extinguish and fry, but you can also fill them with salad. Heat treatment is also carried out on Pomace Olive Oil. Although it contains less valuable elements, it is much cheaper. It is also good to add to pastries to give it pomp.

For cosmetic and medical purposes only Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used.

What will indicate the quality of "liquid gold"

There are some more important rules that suggest how to choose olive oil. Before buying, pay attention to the following points:

  • Name. It may include the brand of the manufacturer, the variety of olives and the place where they are collected.
  • Label. It must indicate the company that produced this product, the importer and exporter.On the quality oil indicate not only the names of firms, but also contact details. The best oil is poured in the same place where they produce.
  • The date of bottling. It must meet the expiration date, which can not exceed 12 months. The fresher the product, the more useful qualities it has.
  • Colour. Oil from young olives has a greenish tint. It has the most nutrients, but it tastes bitter. Amber and brown product is squeezed from ripe fruits, it is sweetish and fragrant.
  • Packaging. In the light, olive oil loses its valuable properties. A quality product is always poured into dark glass bottles or special tin cans with anti-oxidation coating.

Oil in cans is a bit cheaper due to inexpensive technology of bottling, but it is impossible to estimate its color and fullness of capacity.

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