How to choose a washing machine

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Any household appliances should be distinguished by reliability, long service life and high functionality. However, when choosing a washing machine, the technical characteristics of the equipment are of particular importance, since such devices are operated quite regularly, and the condition of the owner’s wardrobe directly depends on the quality of their work.

There are certain parameters that are recommended to navigate during the selection of a specific model of the washing machine, and it is about them that will be discussed in this article.

Basic selection options

There are 4 main parameters: Power consumption. According to international standards, the energy consumption of washing machines and other household appliances are indicated by the first 7 letters of the Latin alphabet:

  1. A, B and C are the most economical;
  2. D and E - average energy consumption;
  3. F and G - spend the most electricity.

The quality of washing. This indicator is also graded with a special letter scale from A to G. Of course, the higher the class, the better the washing efficiency:

  1. A is excellent;
  2. B - very good;
  3. C is good;
  4. D - normal;
  5. E - satisfactory
  6. F - bad;
  7. G - substandard.

The number of wash modes. The main modes include 4:

  1. cotton (at temperatures up to + 95 ° C);
  2. synthetics (up to + 60 ° С);
  3. delicate / manual (up to + 30 ° С);
  4. wool (in cold water)

In accordance with the modes, there are several basic programs that should be in any modern washing machine: regular washing, soaking (or preliminary), rinsing and spinning.

In almost all models, you can independently set the temperature of the wash water and spin speed depending on the characteristics of the fabrics.

Manufacturing company. Today, many American, European and Asian brands of home appliances are engaged in the production of washing machines, but only some of them are particularly popular.

They include the German brand Miele, whose products are characterized by high functionality, exemplary quality and excellent reliability.The unique technical features of the washing machines Miele, presented in a wide range on the site include:

  • a drum with “honeycombs”, due to which a water film is formed between its surface and linen for more careful care of things;
  • automatic program for simultaneous washing of cotton and synthetic linen;
  • A sensor that determines the total number of loaded items and adjusts the operation parameters depending on the volume.

Vertical or horizontal loading

Of no small importance is the type of load of linen, which can be either horizontal / frontal (the hatch is located at the front) or vertical (the hatch is located at the top).

Each of these types has certain features. In particular, front-loading washing machines:

  • more overall;
  • with a large drum that allows you to wash a lot of laundry or bulky clothes at the same time;
  • The upper part of the body can be used as an additional working surface.

Models with horizontal loading:

  • narrower in width,therefore, they can be installed in small bathrooms and kitchens;
  • allow the possibility of additional loading of laundry during the washing process, unloading already clean things does not require much effort.

But the dimensions of the washers both horizontal and vertical loading, not counting the width, are almost identical: standard SHVG front models are 60x85x33-60 cm, and vertical ones are 40-45x85x60 cm. The weight of almost all modern washing machines is from 50 up to 85 kg.

Washing machines by installation type

On the modern market both stand-alone and embedded models of washing machines are presented. The main plus of stand-alone devices is that they can be installed almost anywhere in the kitchen or bathroom, but they do not allow to save free space.

And because of this, the built-in options, which are more compact and less noisy, have enjoyed consistently high popularity since the furniture or niche to which the product has been installed is dampened to a certain degree by vibration and sound.

There are two groups of embedded washing machines depending on the type of installation:

  • fully embedded in enclosure furniture
  • built-in just under the table top - the top model is replaced by the table surface.

It is also worth mentioning about connecting equipment. Most models are connected to cold water, but recently there are more and more products on the market that can be connected to both hot and cold water systems at the same time, saving energy for heating water. But in this case it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of hot water, and if necessary to use filters in pipes for its purification from impurities.

Washing machines Mile

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