How to choose a quality door

Look closely at the surface of the door at close range. Poor qualityDoor�give open pores, bumps, blotches in the form of hair, black dots and other microscopic debris.
Iron the door leaf with your hand. If it is done in violation of technology, you will feel rough and get unpleasant sensations. With a nail, make a small effort, hold on the surface. On the poor-quality coating will remain a trace or peeling varnish.
Pay attention to the color. In a low-quality door, it is heterogeneous, muddy and uneven. If the wood texture is clouded, it is a clear sign of the use of a special tinting varnish, with which unscrupulous manufacturers hide the defects in wood processing. Check that the door ends do not differ much in color.
Use a tape measure and compare the distances between the corners diagonally. For quality products, the difference should be no more than 1 millimeter.
Look atDoor�from the end: it should be perfectly smooth. The noticeable deflection in the form of the "eight", arising from improper drying of wood, will only increase with time. Feel for the side ends of the door. They should be as smooth as the canvas itself.
Shake slightlyDoor. Loose glass will rattle. If there are greasy or dirty stains on the matte side of the glass, be aware that it will not be possible to clean them at home.
Find out what material is made sealer used for fastening the glass. PVC seals are different from expensive silicone in that they release toxic fumes, dry quickly and crack.
Examine the baguette of the door for non-aesthetic-looking cracks, gaps and overlaps at the junction points of the grids, pillars and frames.
Find out what material the door panel is made of. Cheap chipboard emits formaldehyde fumes, so choose doors with panels made of MDF.

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