How to choose a mixer

Mixer Types

There are two main types of faucets - a faucet with two separate taps for hot and cold water and a faucet with a single lever, turning which left or right, you adjust the temperature of the water. Both types of mixers are good in their own way, and the choice must be made based on your own preferences. In general, it can be said that it is more convenient to adjust the water using a two-tap mixer, but the single-lever mixer is more economical in terms of water consumption.
The design of modern faucets is based on the use of ceramic cranes, these devices compare favorably with the worm cranes that were used before. High-quality crane-axle boxes serve about 25 years, but they are easily damaged by small debris that may be contained in the water.
Single-lever mixers can have a special cartridge in their device that can operate in two modes - in normal mode, with maximum water flow, and in economy mode, when water flow cannot exceed a certain figure.
There are faucets like thermostat - these are expensive devices in which the regulation of water temperature occurs automatically.

Mixer material

The best quality mixers are made of brass, this material copes with the long-term exposure to water. In cheap mixers, other materials can be used that corrode in a short time.
Brass faucet can be coated with a special coating, giving it an aesthetic look. The most common is nickel-chrome plating - the usual mirrored silver mixers have it, for some bathrooms bronze or copper coatings will do.

Height and functional orientation of the mixer

The height of the mixer should be chosen taking into account the depth of the sink - the deeper the sink, the higher the device should be.
For the washbasin, you can choose the simplest mixer with a non-rotatable spout. For the bath usually choose a rotary mixer with a long spout. A flush-mounted faucet is often installed in the bathroom.
If you want your mixer to work for a long time, do not be stingy and buy European-made devices.
For kitchen faucets, the possibility of turning the spout is very important, this is especially important for kitchens with two sinks.

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