How to choose a floor lamp in the bedroom

Floor lamp for the bedroom: functional qualities

First, determine what functions should perform the floor lamp. Will it be just a nightlight with a soft subdued light, where you can watch TV or relax in peace. Or you will use it as a spotlight for reading and performing fine handmade work.
Having understood exactly what you want from your future floor lamp, you can easily determine its location in the bedroom. When choosing a model, consider the stability of the model. As a rule, a floor lamp is a floor lighting device. Therefore, it is better to prefer options on massive legs with large shades. If your plan is to use a floor lamp only as a nightlight, you should choose the original cylindrical floor models in the form of flowerpots with a uniform dim glow throughout the body.
If you plan to use a floor lamp for reading and work, stop looking at the device with spot lighting, the ability to change the direction of the light flux and adjust the brightness. Pay attention to the design of the boom and the shape of the ceiling.The quality of light delivery will depend on them.
The height of the floor lamp also matters. If you plan to put only one floor lamp in the bedroom, then choose not the highest model - no more than 1.3 m. And if there are several floor lamps, then you can choose models of different heights.

Floor lamp for bedroom: design and style

Whatever functional requirements you would have for a floor lamp, it is important that it blends in harmoniously with the interior. You should not put a lighting fixture in a modern grandmother’s style in a modern bedroom just because it suits you in its functional qualities. A single style, the harmony of the combination of lines, colors and textures are very important when creating any interior.
If the style of your bedroom is minimalism or high-tech, then you can prefer original floor lamps with thin curved rods without the slightest embellishment of plastic and metal. The classic style will lead you to the strict, but elegant and refined floor lamps with lampshades in the form of plates.

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