How to choose a beautiful evening dress for girls in position?

Waiting for a baby is one of the happiest and most pleasant periods in a woman’s life. At this time, everything around seems beautiful, and future mothers are trying to absorb as many positive emotions as possible in order to remember these sensual moments and convey a good mood to a little man, who is rapidly growing under his heart.

Pregnancy does not mean that you have to spend all nine months with educational books in your hands. Life is in a rampage, and there is no need to nullify one’s own activity, especially at such a period there is a chance to shine at celebrations, appearances or just walks with even greater impact.

Winning silhouettes of dresses for girls in position - underline the right

As soon as an important event is scheduled, each girl in the position asks a question about choosing the right evening dress. Modern fashion industry fortunately abounds with a variety of styles and styles.

To feel comfortable, you need to pay great attention to the convenience of your future attire. To do this, stylists and designers have thought up options, one of which is sure to suit future mothers.

  1. A-shaped silhouette. Such evening images hide the belly well, but for those who want to emphasize an interesting position, you can choose bright and colorful colors that are sure to attract attention. A-shaped dress is better to pick up to the knee, so as not to visually add an extra ten kilograms.
  2. The style of Empire. Clothing of this style provides for an elevated waistline, this allows you to emphasize the lush chest and focus on the tummy. In addition, this type of clothing does not constrain the movements and does not fit. Models decorated with stones, embroidery or lace are suitable for any special occasions.
  3. Trapezium shape. The simplicity of the cut of this dress successfully complement the beautiful prints. But even a plain trapezoid outfit will look impressive for a girl with a rounded tummy, if you add it with earrings, a massive bracelet or an original necklace.Dresses from flowing fabric of calm pastel colors will look original.
  4. Straight knit dress. For women who want to emphasize the happiness that lies inside, evening gowns made of knitted fabric are perfect. They are very worthy of looking and at the same time quite profitable, because stretchable fabric will allow them to dress them both during the first months of pregnancy, and at later dates.

Choosing a style and model - take into account the time and type of figure

For the upcoming solemn event it is worth choosing elegant models taking into account the period of pregnancy, the type of your figure and the level of the upcoming event. Such models will look the most advantageous:

  1. Classic sheath dress. Classic, which is suitable for pregnant girls who are in early terms. The style with an emphasis on the waist will make the image more sophisticated and at the same time piquant, carefully emphasizing only the tummy that has appeared. Cases will not look boring for a holiday, if you choose options with one shoulder, drapery or asymmetric cut long to the knee.
  2. Dress in the Greek style. This win-win option is suitable not only for outlets, but also will be a great wedding dress for a girl in position.Heavy falling fabrics or lightweight chiffon multi-layered skirt will give the image of tenderness and elegance. In addition, these models are able to visually make a woman more slender. Top of the Greek dresses can have thin straps or be made in the form of a corset. The option is also possible with a closed top, complemented by small openwork sleeves. The length of the dress can reach the ankles or be at the level of the knees.
  3. Baby doll. Dress in this style may well be short, but wear it better in the warm season, so that your outfit is in harmony with shoes. The baby-doll outfit looks as smart as possible if it is made of thin materials that create the effect of lightness. Clothes with a cut-off knitwear cut from the chest will look too casual. It is also worth remembering that in the process of pregnancy many women have swollen legs, and if you have such a problem, it is better to choose maxi-length clothes.
  4. Vintage. Floral colors, lace collars, sleeves, flashlights - all this will easily turn you into a romantic young lady.
  5. Long evening dresses. This comfortable and practical model will be appropriate for any celebration and at any time of the year.Open dresses can be supplemented with a jacket, and variants from a denser fabric with a long or a quarter sleeve look great with fur vests or cloaks. The floor models presented in the photo will also help to hide the duck's gait characteristic of women who are expecting a baby.

Rules for choosing an evening dress for future mothers

  1. The dress should fit you in size and fit well. Do not buy loose overalls just because you did not find the right option. Spend some more time and get a really beautiful thing.
  2. Try to pick clothes made from natural fabrics (cotton, chiffon, silk, knitwear), because during pregnancy the sensitivity of the skin increases, which means that some synthetic materials can cause allergies.
  3. Avoid horizontal patterns or stripes, they will give the figure even greater fullness. For the same reason, it is worth refusing large prints against the dark tone of the dress.
  4. If you want to give the image a greater solemnity, pay attention to the models of velvet.
  5. Do not forget about comfortable underwear, which will be invisible even under the most transparent material of clothing.

Fashionable evening dresses for girls in the position regularly appear even on the catwalks, because famous designers, like everyone else, believe that a woman preparing to become a mother acquires even more femininity, beauty and charm. And so you should not deny yourself a chic outfit, even if the time of the appearance of the baby is already very close.

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