How to catch pike - advice of professional fishermen

Pike is an expensive and expected spinning trophy. Every novice fisherman wants to catch a trophy pike whose weight exceeds the mark of 5 kg. As you guessed, the article will talk about how to catch pike.

The places where the predator is found are diverse - thickets of aquatic plants, holes with snags, backwaters, and bots. In calm waters, it is found at medium depths. Larger specimens live at depth. Small and medium-sized fish like shallow waters and shoals.

Best of all pike is caught in spring and autumn. On small rivers and in lakes, it begins to peck in early spring. In large bodies of water, a good pike biting begins after a drop in water level. Until mid-June, the predator takes from morning to evening. Particular activity is observed in the morning and at sunset. If the weather is cloudy or windy, they bite throughout the day.

Pike fishing for spinning

Pike fishing is an exciting type of fishing.Fishermen for the sake of success must know the way of life, the habitat and the nature of the prey.

Pike is a ruthless predator. The lack of easily accessible and stable production makes it more bloodthirsty and aggressive.

Professional fishermen are advised to pay particular attention to the choice of baits, which are selected taking into account the strength of the current, the depth of the reservoir, coals and algae.

  1. In cold weather, the most effective slow spinners. If a fisherman wants to catch a pike for a splash, take bait that is easy to deliver to the right point of the reservoir.
  2. Even if a whole arsenal of baits, with yourself keep no more than five wobblers, twisters and lures. In cloudy weather and at dusk silver and brass lures work well. If the water is clear, and the lighting is good, it is recommended to use dull baits.
  3. You can start catching a “striped robber” at the end of March. By this time the fish has spawned and is actively feeding. After winter, the pike is very hungry and willingly takes all the bait. The predator actively feeds for several weeks, after which it moves to the pools, from where it periodically goes hunting.
  4. Throw the bait closer to the vegetation.The pikes that inhabit the river are more energetic than the lake relatives. For this reason, during rapid flow make intensive wiring.
  5. In small ponds, it is recommended to use small baits up to 5 cm long. It is best to use spinners that mimic the movement of a sick or wounded fish.
  6. If the pike refuses to take the bait, it is necessary to replace it. You may like something else from your arsenal. True, there are days that the predator refuses to peck at all, and no lures with intricate wiring will help.

Video tips for beginners

Initially, you have to practice in the accuracy of the cast and work out the wiring technique, then safely go to the pond and catch the river dweller. Fishing will be a wonderful holiday.

We catch pike on live bait

Fishing is a multifaceted and fascinating hobby that has won the hearts of many people. Fishing among predatory fish, including the pike, is very popular among anglers. Ways to catch a predator set.

Catch a pike without equipment will not work. What is needed for this?

  1. Verch, small-celled nonsense and minnowwoman.
  2. Spinning or ordinary rod.
  3. Bulk floats, heavy weights, metal leashes and spinning reel.

Now let's talk about the most catching, analyze the subtleties of a fascinating process and learn how to catch pike on live bait.

Step-by-step instruction

First prepare gear. If you intend to catch the bait, initially to be equipped. It is best to use a flexible and durable rod. Ideal - spinning rod. It is compact and allows long-distance casting.

  1. Set reel on the rod. I recommend using the inertia-free version. Such a coil has an adjustable "ratchet" that does not allow the fish to tear off the line with sharp movements. Wind approximately 30 meters of fishing line with a diameter of 0.35 mm onto the reel. Secure the float, the weight and the leash with the tee on the fishing line. Gear ready.
  2. How to catch bait. Perch, crucian carp, roach, small bleak or rudd are used. Fish in shallow rivers and ponds. Use top or drag.
  3. Determine the place of fishing. The pike is hunted in areas where it feeds. Among them are coves, bays, islands of vegetation and reed beds.Here holds the potential prey - small fish.
  4. Catching. If you use a fishing rod, put the fish on the hook, drop it and wait for the bite. If she is absent 10 minutes, throw the tackle to another place. While fishing, move along the thickets of reeds and accumulated grass.

In such a catching river predator is nothing complicated. She is both interesting and fascinating. Take the gear and go to the nearest reservoir in search of a trophy, where you can rest and improve your health, because fishing is a great opportunity to be in the fresh air.

Pike fishing on mugs

Mugs are a formidable weapon in the hands of a hunter after a river predator. If you choose the right tactic of fishing, the result will not take long.

On large lakes and reservoirs, the fishing season is opened after the end of the pike zhora. By this time, the predator had time to be distributed in the reservoir, and the peak of food occurs in the morning or evening.

Mug fishing is a method proven by many experienced anglers. A circle is a disk in the center of which a wand is stuck. Some anglers make tackle on their own. If there is no such desire, buy mugs in a fishing store.

According to the rules written by anglers, at the same time it is convenient to catch for 10 circles. To make such a catch leave pleasant memories, use circles of the same weight. In this case, the boat can not do, which you need to be able to manage.

Now let's talk directly about fishing.

  1. Choose a place to catch. Certain aspects must coincide, including a flat bottom, sufficient depth, slow current and optimal wind direction.
  2. Swim in the middle of the reservoir. Upon arrival, attach the live bait to the equipped circle, set the depth and slowly lower the structure into the water element. Set the circles in staggered order after 5 meters.
  3. Choose a parking place. From it must see all the circles. Only in this case, notice the bites. If pike fishing occurs on a large river, use binoculars. The device will help to see in time the bite or unplanned movement of the circles.
  4. Wait for a bite. If the circle turned over and showed a white belly, swiftly swim up to it in a boat. For a certain time, he will be spinning on the spot. When he quickly goes in a certain direction you need to cut.If the coastal vegetation is located nearby, it is impossible to do this with cutting, otherwise the predator will go into the grass along with the tackle.
  5. Advice. If you floated to the mug and did not find anything after a bite, do not be upset. This is a frequent occurrence. The circle could roll over under the influence of a strong wind or a large living bait.

Professional recommendations

Pike fishing on cups is very exciting, and if there is a lot of predatory fish in the pond, it is also active. It remains only to realize the knowledge gained in practice.

How to catch a pike on the nails

Winter pike fishing is not only exciting, but also catchy. Normal fishing involves the use of 20 zerlits who make their own or buy in the store. The latter option is simpler and faster.

For the angler, winter is divided into several seasons - the first ice, winter and the last ice. Seasons are different techniques of fishing. The easiest way to catch a pike on the first ice on the zherlitsy. It is not surprising, because the ice is not yet thick, and the wells do not freeze for a long time. This season you can catch up to 10 fish per day.

Deaf in the winter to catch on the stinker is much harder. The thickness of the ice at this time reaches 60 cm, and severe frosts are the cause of rapid freezing of the holes. As for the effectiveness, it is very low.

Catch pike on the last ice is not difficult, and the results are more pleasant. In March, a professional angler catches about 15 pikes in one day. The ice has already become thin, it is easy to drill holes, and they do not hurry to freeze.

Let's talk about the methods and tactics of catching a river predator on the jail.

  1. After freezing, the pike goes to remote places. They are distinguished by a sandy bottom, a weak current and the presence of snags. It takes several days to find promising places. Expose zherlitsy four meters from the coastal zone. The depth is 2 meters.
  2. During parking, the pike digests food or waits for prey. If you drill a hole above it, it will not be scared. At this time she is inactive. Evidence of this are parasites and leeches on the skin.
  3. The distance between the jailers is kept at a level of 3 meters to catch a large area of ​​the reservoir. Once finished stubbing, start fishing live bait.
  4. Fishermen recommend using freshwater fish of small sizes. For example, in the winter to catch a perch is not so difficult.
  5. After that, the jugglers must be loaded. Tee pierced fish under the upper fin.It remains to measure the depth, lower the live bait into the water and charge the flag.
  6. As soon as the flag goes off, they quickly approach the vent and cut them off. In case of luck, the trophy is on the ice.

Winter fishing

Catching a pike on a zherlitsu is not highly complex, and the pleasure it brings without any problems will eclipse physical fatigue. It remains to wait for the winter, go to your favorite water and try to seduce a large pike with a small perch.

The article, how to catch a pike, came to an end. There are many ways to catch a river predator, and each of them deserves attention. I do not know which method of fishing you prefer, but I can say with confidence that in any case you will get a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable feelings.

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At the end of fishing, a river predator can be cooked.

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