How to carry gas to the site

Where to begin

In order to conduct gas to the site, next to which the gas pipeline is located, it is necessary to find out who owns this pipeline. Most likely, this is the local branch of Gorgaz. Visit him and find out if it is possible to crash into this pipeline. You will receive permission if the requirements for gas supply are met, which can be found on the information boards of the gas service. To obtain the technical conditions for gasification, you must submit to Gorgaz:
- application for issuance of technical specifications;
- technical passport to the house, issued by the BTI;
- A copy of your passport.

Design and installation

After receiving the technical conditions, you must select a project organization that has a certificate of self-regulatory organization. To save from 20 to 30% of the cost of design and installation work, choose an organization that has permission to design and installation work. The project must then be approved by Gorgaz, therefore it is better if the project organization undertakes this coordination.
After the gas pipeline is installed, it is necessary to contact Gorgaz again and agree on the date when the tie-in to the gas pipeline will be made, having paid its cost. A separate invoice will be issued to you and after Gorgaz specialists perform a test run and check the gas pipeline for leaks, taking this section into operation and putting it on its balance sheet.

Operation and maintenance

Now you need to install and connect all the gas equipment that will be used in your home, as well as put it for service in a specialized organization. Ideally, it is better to immediately choose the performers who provide the entire range of services and carry out the design and installation of gas pipelines, as well as commissioning works on the installation of gas equipment and its maintenance. In the extreme case, service is better to entrust the organization that will carry out the installation of equipment.
After the equipment is installed and connected, a commission is created, which will take it into operation. It will consist of you, the representatives of Gorgaz and the contractor who carried out the installation.As a result of the work of this commission, the executive and technical documentation will be compiled, the installed gas pipeline and installed equipment will be accepted. After that, the gas supplier - Gorgaz - and you must conclude an agreement for the supply of natural gas. Gas will be connected after the meter is sealed, and you will receive safety instructions.
All this, depending on the distance of the main gas pipeline and gas equipment, can cost you between 50 and 250 thousand rubles.

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