How to care for sparse hair?

Holders of thin and rare strands know that any improperly chosen products do not decorate the hair at all - this type of hair requires special care. First of all, it includes gentle combing, delicate cleansing and nourishment without weighting the hair. Competent care for rare hair will give them the necessary volume and strength, will relieve from split ends and excessive brittleness.

Why does this problem arise and how to cope with it?

If the hair was once thick and healthy, and became sparse and brittle, perhaps the reason for their frequent chemical or heat treatment. These include: permanent waving, the use of pleyok or rectifiers, as well as aggressive staining.

In some cases, the loss of part of the hair can lead to a malfunction of the internal organs, stress and taking certain medicines. In such a situation, it is important to find the cause and, depending on it, to develop a strategy for improving one's condition.

If the curls are rare by nature, then only properly selected care for them will help. Most often, this structure of the hair has several problems:

  • constantly split ends;
  • too rapid contamination of strands;
  • electrification during the period of winter cold;
  • excessive breakage in the summer.

Of course, these are rather unpleasant phenomena, but with a systematic and competent approach, you can, if not get rid of them forever, then at least significantly improve the appearance of the curls.

One of the most significant factors is proper, complete nutrition, with the necessary set of nutrients and vitamins. Special attention should be paid to taking vitamins A, B, E and C, which will help improve the nutrition of the scalp and will contribute to the growth of new, healthy strands.

We should not forget about proper cleansing: during washing of the head, it is recommended to use soft water without salt impurities, which over time thin the hair structure, which causes it to break down. For the procedure, you should use well or purified water using filters.

Shampoos should be chosen carefully, determining which type of skin is present on the scalp.It is best to acquire a tool with nutritional properties, which consists of keratin and protein. Usually this type of shampoo can be found in professional care departments.

Special cleansers will eventually make the hair structure smoother, which makes it visually appear thicker and more voluminous hair. As for balsams or conditioners, it is best to simply abandon their use, since most of them only make the curls heavier, they are quickly salted and lose their fresh look and volume.

After using the shampoo, it is best to turn to natural remedies, which include various medicinal herbs - sage, chamomile, burdock, oak bark, as well as lemon juice and vinegar. Simultaneously with the start of treatment, care should be taken to select the correct hairstyle for a weakened hair.

How to choose a hairstyle?

A competent form of haircuts will help to maintain the desired volume and mask any flaws in the hair structure. In the first place, overly short single-tier haircuts and too long strands should be avoided, which visually make them look “sleek” under the weight of their own length.

In addition, temporary styling with the help of styling is also unreliable, because every day you have to spend too much time on your hair, and numerous lacquers and fixatives will only aggravate the already unhealthy look of hair.

When choosing a haircut that is suitable for a sparse structure, it is best to choose a medium or short length. At the same time, much attention should be paid to the existing face shape, since the overall harmonious image will distract attention from thin strands and make the appearance more interesting and attractive.

Speaking of haircut forms, the most suitable for owners of rare strands will be:

  • pixie;
  • cascade;
  • Italian;
  • graduated bean

When choosing styling products, you should follow these recommendations:

  • they should not give weight to the curls and glue them;
  • Do not choose wax or gel for styling;
  • flatly contraindicated to use irons, tongs and curling irons;
  • The use of a hair dryer is also recommended to be reduced to a minimum, and during the procedure thermal protection agents should be applied to the strands.

It is not necessary to do or make on a head nachos - he will be fatal to a condition of a head of hear.To create natural curls without the use of thermometers, you can wash your hair before bed and go to bed with a braided scythe. For basal volume, you can simply collect a high tail for the night.

When combing thin strands, it is better to use a comb with natural bristles or rare wooden teeth. Metal or plastic varieties often tear the hair structure during combing, so their use is not recommended.

Procedures and folk remedies

The growth of the hair is greatly accelerated by improving blood circulation of the scalp, so a light massage, for example, during washing, will only benefit - the procedure is carried out with the tips of your fingers with light circular movements. After washing, it is advisable to make nutritional masks that strengthen the hair structure and improve color.

The composition of the masks should include proteins and provitamins, as well as plant extracts, iron and calcium. In the summer, you need to take care of the purchase of spray and thermal water, which will save from drying out and brittleness due to exposure to the sun.

There are many homemade recipes, which are also designed to improve the condition of the strands, besides, they are not inferior to professional preparations and are affordable.

  • Mask of yolk. For the preparation will need eggs, the number of which depends on the length of the hair. It is necessary to separate the yolks and beat together with any vegetable oil. After that, the mixture is distributed in strands and, after 5-7 minutes, washed off with shampoo.
  • Cognac mask. It is made in a similar way, only cognac is used instead of eggs (a few drops).
  • What to do if the strands become completely lifeless? You can prepare a nutritional composition of black bread, which should be poured with boiling water and let it soak for a couple of hours.

Folk drugs will be an excellent help in the fight for the brilliant thick curls, but they need to be used regularly - otherwise they will not give the desired effect.

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