How to care for cucumbers?

Each summer resident or gardener decides for himself how to take care of cucumbers, in some cases relying only on his capabilities or intuition. But even in this matter you should have at least a minimum amount of knowledge in order for the fruits to be tasty, and the harvest high, so that the plants would not be susceptible to diseases and insect attacks. So, how to care for cucumbers correctly.


The first time the soil is loosened immediately after the emergence of shoots and the designation of the beds. As a rule, loosening is combined with weed weeding. This operation must be repeated continuously every 10 days and carried out carefully so as not to touch the roots of the plant. Summer residents with the experience of loosening the soil with a pitchfork. This is how it happens: between the cucumber beds, the forks are stuck and pulled out of the soil, without making side movements with them and not turning them.

Topping. With the formation of 5 or 6 leaves on a young plant, the main stem of the plant must be pinched. This simple technique stimulates an increase in yield, branching of the plant and the development of female flower shoots.

Watering.During the period of active growth and fruiting, that is, in July and August, watering for cucumbers is especially necessary. In addition, air humidity plays a big role. Even the shortest drying of the soil at the time of fruit formation can lead to the fact that cucumbers have a bitter taste. And this in the future nothing can be eliminated. For irrigation, warm water is used, as cold water depresses plants and contributes to the occurrence of gray rot.

Top dressing. Serious care for cucumbers is impossible without feeding them. To obtain a good harvest, it is necessary, first of all, to ensure the normal growth of the leaves before the plants bloom. Excellent results are obtained by applying nitrogen fertilizers. During the whole growing season in the open field it is advisable to feed the plants with a complete mineral complex of fertilizers at least 3-4 times. The first feeding is carried out before fruiting, and the remaining three during this crucial period.

The second time cucumbers are fed up when the first cucumbers appear. 0.5 liters of chicken manure, 3 tbsp. spoons of ash and 1 tbsp. spoon nitrofoski. All this is taken at the rate of 10 liters of water.The third time the plants are fed 15-20 days after the second feeding. 1 liter of cow dung solution (ratio 1/3). Add 1 h / l of superphosphate, potassium sulfate and urea. It is necessary to strain this solution and fertilize at the rate of 8 l / m2. The fourth dressing must be carried out 15 days after the third: 1 liter of chicken manure (already 1/3 diluted) and 1 tbsp. spoon complex fertilizers. All this is diluted in 10 liters of water. Make it necessary at the rate of 5 l / m2.

Pest control

The main pest for cucumbers is the melon aphid, which has its columns on the shoots, ovaries and underside of the leaves. As a result, flowers fall off, leaves curl, plant growth is delayed, and in some cases they die. Often melon aphid is a carrier of cucumber mosaic and other diseases. Care for cucumbers, which settled aphids, is in their treatment with a solution of soap (150 g / 10 l of water) or lye (200 g of wood ash and 50 g of soap mixed in 10 l of water).

When dealing with spider mites, daily spraying of beds with cucumbers with water and destruction of weeds is necessary. The cucumbers themselves are treated with an infusion of onion peel (200 g / 10 l).In order to avoid fungal diseases, plants are recommended to be tied up, and watering should be done only with warm water and under the root.

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