How to care for calamondin

First of all, the home plant should be transplanted. In general, calamondin is usually replaced in a pot that exceeds the previous one. Place the container with the plant in a well-lit place, protected from direct sunlight, and maintain a constant air temperature at + 22-25 ° C in summer and + 15 ° C in winter. Reducing the temperature in the cold season will provide abundant flowering and fruiting in the future.
Kalamondin - water-loving plant. Therefore, it should be watered regularly, as soon as you notice that the top layer of soil has dried slightly. The plant is required and sprayed, and if you notice that the newly acquired Calamondin sheds leaves, it is recommended to wrap it in a plastic bag and open it once a day for airing. Drafts tree strictly contraindicated. With the arrival of spring and until autumn, fertilize the plant once every 7-14 days with foliar fertilizers for citrus, spraying them on the caramondine crown.
A calamondin tree may be still small, but its root system is sufficiently developed and branched. Therefore, every year in March, the plant is transplanted, without much destroying the earthen clod, into a mixture consisting of turf soil, sand and rotted manure in a ratio of 2: 1: 1. Do not forget about good drainage - its layer should be at least 2 cm. In springtime, all young shoots from the crown can be cut off - this way you will achieve more abundant flowering. As soon as the plant grows enough and begins to bear fruit, the need for an annual transplant will disappear: it will be enough to do it once every 2-3 years.
In no case can not turn and rearrange the tree during flowering and fruiting, as in this case the flowers or fruits fall off. For the symmetric formation of the crown, the plant must be moved literally 1 mm per day. Propagate Calamondin is very difficult. Few cuttings give roots: the majority is lost, and if you plant a seed, you will have to wait more than one year to get the fruits. If you really want to get the cuttings, then it is necessary to at least prepare a loose substrate and ensure the air temperature in the range from +23 to + 25 ° C.Phytohormones are obligatory to use.
If calamondin drops flowers, leaves, and fruits, it may be too hot. If you cannot wait for flowering for a long time, try to transplant the plant to a larger pot and move it to another place - where there is more light. If the leaves on the tree turn yellow, then, most likely, the whole thing in poor drainage.

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