How to take care of a dumb-bell so that it can serve for a long time?

Today, almost everyone has washing machines, but only a few know how to properly care for such a device. But it is on the care depends on the health of the machine and the correct operation.

Peculiarities of care

How to care for a washing machine? There are several important points.

Correct fixation

It's no secret that cars often "jump." And such movements, of course, can harm the device and lead to damage. So it is important to properly fix the machine. To do this, you can put it in a special niche or fix the legs.


Much depends on cleanliness, so be sure to follow it. Important rules:

  • Keep your body clean. To do this, periodically wipe it with a damp cloth. Also, be careful not to get water on the surface of the appliance.
  • After each wash, be sure to wash and dry containers for powder and conditioner well.
  • Important and cleanliness of the drum.After each wash, wipe it with a dry cloth.
  • Keep the cuff clean (this is the rubber part that is located between the hatch and the drum and provides a tight closure of the machine). Be sure to wipe it dry after each wash.
  • It is important to clean the filter approximately every two to three times. Carefully remove it, remove all fabric fibers and other particles that are clogged in this part. Then rinse well and completely dry the part.
  • It should ensure the purity of all other elements. To do this, about once a month or every 20 washes, you can perform a kind of cleaning. Mix about a glass of bleach and two glasses of laundry detergent. Pour the mixture into the powder compartment, select a standard washing program. But remember that the temperature should not be below 60 degrees. Some washing machines have a special program “Self-cleaning”. Just choose it, in this case the use of additional funds is not necessary (although in some situations it is necessary, but the use of specialized additives is recommended).

Proper washing

Simple washing tips will help avoid breakdowns and crashes:

  1. Before each wash, check the pockets of your belongings for the presence of any items in them.Small things can get into the filter or into another part of the device, which will lead to breakage.
  2. Try not to wash things with metal parts (for example, bras with hard bones), as they can damage the drum.
  3. Use only special powders designed for washing machines.
  4. Observe the loading rates. Do not exceed them. But also to include the machine for the sake of washing one thing is also not recommended.
  5. Do not store dirty laundry in the washing machine. Place it in the drum just before washing.
  6. It is better to sort the clothes.
  7. It is recommended to fasten all buttons and locks before the procedure, as they can be beaten against the drum when unbuttoned and can damage it.
  8. After each wash, carefully inspect the drum. All items that remain in it, be sure to remove. Even a regular clip or a button that is torn off during washing can lead to drum rusting or damage to the cuff.
  9. If things have any sharp or convex parts, then it is better to turn it inside out to avoid damage to the drum.
  10. It is important to correctly carry out both the loading of the device and its unloading after the procedure.Any inaccurate movement can cause damage to the cuff or drum, so put the dirty laundry inside and remove it carefully, preferably one thing at a time and not touching the cuff.
  11. After each wash, the door of the door should be left ajar so that all moisture remaining in the cuff and drum will evaporate. If this is not done, then increased humidity will lead to the appearance of an unpleasant odor or even mold.
  12. After washing, immediately remove the washed laundry, do not leave it in the drum for a long time.


An important role is played by the protection of heating elements. Very often the cause of breakdowns is the formation of scale on this important part. And most often the scum is formed due to increased water hardness.

Today, fortunately, there are many specialized tools designed specifically to reduce stiffness and prevent the formation of scale. Most often, they are produced in the form of additives to powders. But some modern powders contain special ingredients, so the use of additional funds is not required.

Prevention of damage

To avoid breakdowns, first of all, follow all recommendations given in the instructions that came with your washing machine.Be careful when choosing a mode, as an emergency reprogramming can lead to failures. In addition, for any disruption, try to find out their causes.

Usually the most common errors are listed in the instruction manual. If you did not manage to fix the problems yourself, contact the professionals for help.

If you are going to leave, for example, on vacation, then before leaving, by all means turn off the electricity. And after each wash, it is desirable to unplug the washing machine from the network. It is also necessary to close the taps that are responsible for the water supply.

Let your washing machine serve for a long time!

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