How to care for a beautiful dog breed Chow Chow?

Chow-chow is one of those dog breeds that is easily recognized not only by its distinctive appearance, but also by the wayward character that was laid into this beautiful and proud creature at the dawn of its formation.

Such dogs have long become the personification of independence and independence, but at the same time, they remain very loyal and loving pets who are able to protect their owners even through self-sacrifice. Chow-chow is exactly that breed of dogs with which strong and strong-willed people will be able to find a common language, because such a pet will unconditionally obey only such a master, in which it recognizes a true leader.

Beautiful girl

Chow-chow is considered to be one of the most ancient dog breeds in the whole world, which evolved from real wolves. Studies show that the first chows were spotted on the territory of Ancient China and Mongolia, it was there that they were raised and raised as good defenders, watchmen and assistants in hunting.

In fact, there is a considerable number of legends about the origin of such dogs, one of which they descended from a real bear, which may seem silly.

But on the other hand, if you look closely, you can find certain similarities between these two animals: the shape of the skull and the general constitution, the famous dark purple language, which, by the way, is characteristic only of a specific breed of dogs, as well as their specific manner of movement. One way or another, the Chow is a very strong and brave breed that has always interested and attracted dog breeders.

Since China was a closed country for a long time, the Chow Chow for European society remained unknown for a long time, the situation changed in the middle of the 19th century, when British breeders took over.

They tried and turned these serious hunting dogs into cute and decorative pets, adapted for life in a secular society. Today, these cute teddy bears are very popular around the world, and not only in their distinctive appearance, but also in relatively simple care.

Character and intelligence

As we have said, this is a very proud, stubborn and somewhere even temperamental breed, which has a very keen sense of ownership: if a dog walks on the lawn, it means that it should belong only to him and the owner. The same goes for favorite toys, space in the apartment, and so on.


It is not for nothing that they say that the chow-chow is one of the most difficult breeds, it requires serious upbringing and training, which, in turn, will require the host a lot of strength and patience. But it's worth it! If you treat your pet with kindness and respect, then he will repay you with sincere devotion, love and affection.

Despite the fact that in their homeland the Chows were nicknamed “assistants of the Buddha”, they can hardly be called very intelligent animals, and sometimes they are outweighed by stubbornness and straightforwardness in their character.

Such dogs more than compensate for their inadequacy of intelligence with increased curiosity: they always master new territories with great interest, sniffing and remembering every pebble and bush, thereby developing their intelligence, memory and horizons. That is why if you want to develop your pet, try, as often as possible, to diversify your routes for walking.

Despite stubbornness, the Chow is still amenable to training, although sometimes this process causes the hosts to suffer. At first, it may seem at all that it will not be possible to achieve results, but this is deceptive, the main thing is the patience and perseverance of the owner.

How to care for chow chow?

Considering photos of cute puppies or even adult dogs, the first thing that causes doubt is their long and thick coat. In fact, there are no special difficulties in care; the main thing is to have a small stock of knowledge.

Lovely creature

The focus, as you might guess, is to be given to wool - so that it is beautiful and silky, it must be regularly brushed with a stiff massage brush, usually 2–3 times a week. By themselves, chows are very clean creatures, they take good care of their own hygiene, so there is often no need to bathe them. If you decide to wash your pet, then do it in comfortable temperature water and using a special dog shampoo.

Moult in these dogs occurs stably twice a year, the wool at this time can remain on the items of interior and furniture, and therefore at this time it must be combed 4-5 times a week.Do not forget to pay attention to the claws: they are quite soft, so they need to be cut once a month.

Ears can be cleaned with sanitary napkins and sticks also no more than 1 time per month. As for personal space, it is natural that such a large dog is best kept in the courtyard of his house or at least in a sufficiently large apartment. Despite the fact that chow chows are self-sufficient and like peace, they should always be able to watch the members of their family.

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In the summer, it is important to ensure that the dog has the opportunity to hide from direct sunlight and not get heat stroke. This fact is important to take into account during the arrangement of the pet's personal space. In general, Chows are rarely tied to one place; they like to move around the apartment in order to constantly be aware of all the events taking place at home.

The nutrition of such a pet should be balanced and, preferably, non-greasy. Both personal food and dry ready-made feeds are welcome, however, if you decide to follow the latter path, then buy premium-class feeds only.

It is strongly not recommended to mix natural feeding with dry feed! From time to time for the chow will be useful greens in small quantities (parsley, lettuce, cabbage) and porridge (rice, buckwheat).

Chow-chows need daily walks: despite the fact that they do not like strong physical exertion, sometimes they just need an hour or two to frolic in the street enough, without collars and leashes. The total walk time should be 1-2 hours per day.

Do not forget that dogs of such a breed are not the most friendly creatures in the world; they can be extremely wary of strangers and animals, even show aggression, especially if they were not accustomed to communication from childhood.

Despite the fact that the chows are located to the children, they will never become a kind nurse, long games with a child can quickly get boring for them. It is best to buy chow-chow puppies in specialized kennels; in addition, you can consider options with private breeders. The price of a puppy with a good pedigree can vary in the range of $ 500-1,000.

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