How to build a wooden greenhouse with your own hands


Which greenhouse to choose

The most affordable option for giving is a seasonal greenhouse on a wooden frame. Metal arcs can rust, metal coated with anti-corrosion alloy, is much more expensive. Plastic tubes are short-lived, and they can also bend or break due to strong winds.

Wooden greenhouses do not have such disadvantages. For their construction, you can use the remains of timber of any diameter or substandard boards. Treated with impregnation, the tree does not rot, does not crack, a properly constructed construction is guaranteed to last a dozen years or more. A greenhouse may be collapsible, but it is much more convenient to build a stationary structure on a simple foundation. It will calmly survive the winter, and the plants in such a shelter feel great until late autumn. With proper organization of heating, the seasonal wooden greenhouse easily turns into a year-round.

How to build a greenhouse with your own hands from wood

Before embarking on the construction, you need to choose a suitable flat platform. It is advisable to arrange the structure so that the sun illuminates the greenhouse throughout the day. To protect from the wind, you can attach a greenhouse to the barn, summer kitchen or other utility room. It is important to ensure that the capital structure does not interfere with proper insolation.

For the greenhouse of the beam suitable light strip foundation. It is not necessary to strengthen it, the wooden greenhouse sheathed with polycarbonate or film will not be too heavy. Arched form for wooden construction is rarely used. It is much more convenient to assemble a rectangular frame with a sloping roof. Those who have some building skills can make a greenhouse using the Mltlider technique. Its multi-level roof has a convenient differential for installing transoms.

The pit for the foundation is dug out according to the dimensions indicated in the drawing, filled with fine gravel and filled with sand-cement mixture. At the corners they drive in stakes that mark the edges of the future greenhouse. The frame can be assembled directly on the foundation.

Before assembly, the timber is cut in accordance with the size of the greenhouse.In order not to be mistaken, you need to make a drawing in advance. Preparations are impregnated with antibacterial composition, treated with stain. It is convenient to assemble the frame with the help of screws, metal plates and corners. Be sure to leave room for doors and air vents for ventilation. Doors and vents attached to metal hinges.

For plating it is better to use cellular polycarbonate. This material is easily cut, does not break, well protects plants from the cold. Those who want to save money can replace polycarbonate sheets with double polyethylene film, but this coating will have to be changed every year. You should not put ordinary glass into the greenhouse - it is very fragile. Tempered glass is more durable, but it costs significantly more.

The finished greenhouse can be painted or treated with a protective varnish. It remains to properly position the beds, think over the system of irrigation and lighting.

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