How to behave properly in the men's team?

Only at first glance it may seem that for a girl work in the men's team is a real paradise, especially if she is single and easily in contact with the opposite sex.

In fact, after the temporal euphoria dissolves, and the curiosity of the male team continues to grow, a woman in such an environment instantly looms many problems.

In order not to make fatal mistakes, especially if you really value your workplace, and also do not want to become a real outcast for a long time, you need to think over your behavior in advance.

There is a category of women who pursue slightly different goals when they get a job in a men's team: to find, so to speak, their own prince. However, we will assume that this is not the case and you really got a job because of work, which means that your future is now only in your fragile female hands.

All thoughts about “I am the only beauty, which means that I should be surrounded with care and compliments” should be left out of working time, and there you are a full and equal member of the team, for whom there are no separate concessions and discounts for the “weakness” of the sex. So, let's understand how to behave a girl in the men's team, to earn the respect and trust from colleagues?

Work at the same level

If you still decide that you can work in the men's team, then learn to behave like a man, at least when it comes to working moments.

In the environment of the stronger sex, it is often tempting to succumb to their feminine essence, to feel weak and defenseless, appealing to the natural instincts of men, who, in this case, should become a real support and support.

If you often use it and write off all your mistakes to your feminine essence, then you will not have time to blink an eye when you turn into an empty space, with which no one counts.

Therefore, since it happened so, you will have to work with everyone on the same level, not to give yourself concessions, in any situation you should remain a “business partner”, albeit in a skirt.

Understand the working problems yourself, formulate tasks and goals clearly, look for solutions quickly and harmoniously, men do not like to “stretch pleasure”.

Feel brainstorming, feel free to suggest your own ideas, and also tackle complex projects if you can do it, of course. Let your colleagues, first of all, appreciate you for your business skills, and not just for the fact that you were lucky to be born a woman.

No coquetry

As we have said, there is a separate category of individuals of the fair sex, which are arranged in male groups solely for the sake of relationships. But by default we think that you need a job, which means that flirting is not allowed here under any circumstances.

Important advice: constantly watch your behavior, especially at various corporate parties, because they can become a source of extremely unpleasant gossip and, as a result, a wrong attitude to your person. Any, even the most insignificant signs of attention on your part, can be treated quite differently, not in your favor.

Even worse, when communicating with colleagues, you gradually begin to single out one person from the common team, even if it is insignificant.In this situation, there is a risk of setting others up against you who may feel rejected and might want revenge.

Worse, if a few are willing to “fight” for your attention, this will most likely turn out to be a disaster for the three of you. After this, do you want to continue working in such a collective?

And yet you are a woman

However, to completely forget that you are still a lady - there is no need, of course, if you don’t want to turn into your “shirt-guy” who can listen to any conversations, silly jokes and even strong words.

The emphasis on what you are a woman should do in situations where you really need to feel it: for example, move a heavy cabinet or a box from office to office, deal with a jammed lock or repair a burned-out lamp.

But “make a seagull” or constantly ask for help with the next project - this can be perceived as flirting or your own incompetence. Do you need it?

Watch your appearance

Working in an exclusively male team, the girl has a hard time, there are many inconveniences and drawbacks, one of which is no favorite skirts, frank cleavage and bright make-up.Avoid transparent blouses and dresses that are too short, your appearance should correspond to the general dress code, and if you don’t have one, then at least do not attract outsiders. Restrained and moderate - these are the basic rules for your working wardrobe.

Emotions on the castle

Of course, in such work there are also advantages - general attention to women's holidays, lack of gossip and intrigues that are inherent in the women's team, as well as other, personal views on this matter. And yet, think a few times before you go to a team that is overflowing with males.

One more important rule that women do not always manage to observe is full control over their emotions and conversations, follow everything that comes from you. You can not cry about a broken nail or to wash the bones of the former all day, you just will not understand!

Remember, men are nothing annoying as much as women's tears, and therefore be strong in controlling their emotions. Observing these simple rules, you can not only get into the men's society, but also firmly established in it.

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