How to become a good mom: 7 real tips

Even if you are very busy with work or household chores, this is not so difficult. Learning this is not specifically necessary. You are already a good mother for your child. Just follow a few rules to build a warm and trusting relationship with your baby:

1. Kiss and hug him more often. The child needs tactile contact. So he feels your love for him.

2. Look into his eyes more often. Eye contact is as important as touch. Look into his eyes with love and he will be happy.

3. Give him time. Even 30 minutes a day of good communication, when your thoughts are not busy with work or other worries, will give your child a sense of being needed.

4. Play with him in the games that he loves. Do not think at this moment about the methods of early development, just play and enjoy communication with the baby. Childhood passes very quickly, do not miss the opportunity to feel like a child again.

5. More often praise, criticize less.Criticism destroys even an adult, to say nothing of a child.

6. Listen to him carefully when he wants to tell you something or ask. You are now the main person in his life and he trusts you. Set aside all your business for a minute and listen to your crumb. Do not lose his confidence in the bustle of everyday life.

7. Tell the baby nice words about how you love him, how you waited for him and that he is important to you. This will help him in the formation of a healthy self-esteem.

Compliance with these rules will help you understand how to become a good mom. Listen to yourself, your baby and forgive yourself, even if you have made some mistake. Goodbye and move on. Do not let this load of guilt ruin your relationship with a crumb. And most importantly, enjoy this time. After all, children grow up very quickly, and childhood happens only once in a lifetime.

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