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Where to get money for business



It so happened in Russia that it is very difficult to provide for yourself and your family, working only for wages, and in some cases it is completely impossible. That is why more and more Russians every day are thinking about starting their own business, only the majority of them are over, before they start, there is no source of funding. It is understandable - there is not enough money to live, and here, too, the business will eat up everything, and it remains to be seen whether it will bring the desired income in the future. But everyone can find money for starting a business if they wish.


Before you look for finance, make a clear and thoughtful business plan - this is your main tool, which sooner or later will force investors to fork out. Also stock up with iron patience, because without it you do not need to take a business, and no one will put money in your pockets at once.


Take a loan from the bank for small business development. Today, all more or less reputable banks have developed special conditions for business lending.Analyze all the proposals submitted by banks operating in your city, and select the most profitable. It is worth noting that business loans are issued either on the security of real estate or an existing business, or on behalf of a reputable company whose management, having familiarized themselves with your business plan, considered your business promising and agreed to represent your interests before creditors. Of course, there are banking organizations that provide lending to businesses without collateral and guarantors, but the interest in such cases is going off-scale for unthinkable values.


Look for investors among those who may be interested in your project. For example, not a single web design studio has already emerged due to cooperation with investors who know that serious incomes are spinning around web development and provide developers with the means, facilities, computers, Internet access and everything that is necessary for the workflow. Revenues in this case are divided according to the agreed scheme: for example, a depositor is 40%, and a web developer is 60%. Again, the main thing is to find a target investor who will spare no money to invest in your business.


Use the income that your business brings for its development.Believe me, it is better not to receive anything in the first 1.5 years than to spend the rest of the time of your business existence with the pennies that were received from the immature project.


Participate in various start-up contests. For example, good funding can be obtained from the Union of Entrepreneurs "Support of Russia". But only the most worthy projects will receive money, so be prepared to prove that your business simply shines with promise. Also, it would not be superfluous to apply for funding in a venture capital fund.


Attract in your business personal funds or funds of your friends, acquaintances (by itself, on favorable terms for them). Nothing bad will happen if you ask your family for financial help, because when your business starts to gain momentum, the closest share of your income will go.


Useful tips for raising money in the business:


Be careful - there are a lot of scammers around here who are just looking for new businessmen. Anyway, entrepreneurship in Russia is a very risky business.


Business is a very commendable lesson that trains a person’s personality traits, elevating him to a level above the society of ordinary people.But do not go headlong into entrepreneurship, remember the family and relatives, because with the support of your loved ones, any business will be subdued. If you have a great desire and a cold calculation - how to attract money to the business will be for you not a question, but a temporary achievable goal.

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