How not to turn family life into hell

How not to turn family life into hellThe family life of a young couple turns into an arena of battle between two clans. The battle of great ego affects all aspects of life.
For example, how to cut carrots for soup? Putting it there all the way to preserve vitamins (as Monteki does), or cut it into pieces so that it is beautiful (this way everyone imposes on him his own upbringing style, his own value system, as well as his own system of punishment and encouragement. “We all want good for him,” says each adult, forgetting that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Each adult loves a child so much that he is ready to kill everyone else.

Advise Capulet)? Do I need to lay the carpet on the floor, as recommended by Monteki, or hang it on the wall, as taught by the Capulets?

Everyone feels right in this holy war and is not inclined to give up positions.


Romeo and Juliet have a baby ...



And then, finally, a young couple is born a child. But can this stop the holy war of the clans? In no case.


The culmination of the dragon battle comes. Everyone wants to say that he is right, and the rest are simply ignorant.And, of course, everyone believes that it is only he who knows how to bring up children.


Woe to the child who finds himself on the battlefield between the fighting monsters. He is torn to pieces, everyone pulls him to his side.


As soon as the child grows up, both clans try to make him a judge and arbitrator. “And who better cooks a soup - Grandma Monteki or Grandma Capuleti?”


Caught in a similar situation, every child is faced with a choice. He can

become neurotic;

turn into a great manipulator;

take control of the situation;

please everyone and agree with everyone;

withdraw into themselves;

set a goal to never start a family;

decide not to have children, so that they do not suffer as he does.

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