How not to swear?

Anna Ivanova
Anna Ivanova
April 18, 2013
How not to swear?

Modern Russian language is teeming with obscene words. They are used in speech, and adults, and children. It has even reached the point that swear words can be heard not only in a disapproving context, but also as a delight in something. Many people are beginning to wonder how to stop foul and remove these obscene words from their lexical circulation.

Obscene words are so ingrained in modern language that it becomes difficult to even imagine how not to use foul language to express the emotional tint of one’s state or mood. To remove such words from circulation is extremely difficult, but if you firmly decided to do this, then you will definitely succeed.

Many scientists have long concluded that obscene words adversely affect both mental and physical health. For example, such vocabulary leads to a mutation of DNA molecules, causes early infertility in men, increases the level of male hormones in a woman’s body.Taking into account these facts, you should make a decision and, possibly, categorically refuse and get rid of abusive expressions.

Ways to unlearn swear

Financial impact

A very simple way is to have a special piggy bank in which you will deposit a certain amount for each obscene word spoken. The habit will gradually be developed, and in due course you will be completely disaccustomed to speak out in an unworthy way. The main thing is not to indulge in indulgences, with each swear word the piggy bank must be replenished.


Read more beautiful literature. Do it out loud and with expression. Repeated repetition of beautiful speech will deeply penetrate into the subconscious and simply evict all bad words from there.

Monitor others

Do not allow others to swear in your presence. Feel free to comment on them, especially for men. Over time, others will become accustomed to your position in life and will themselves begin to utter less expletive words.


As a rule, a tense nervous state pushes people to express obscenities. Try to calm down more often when listening to good quality music (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, etc.).It is proved that such musical works have a positive effect on the psyche and calm the nerves.


One of the easiest and most effective ways to not curse is to watch your speech. It will be very hard for an inveterate matershinnik to be unaccustomed, but thinking about each pronounced phrase will certainly bring positive results soon.

Remember that your speech is your face, the level of your culture. And in your power to raise this level higher. Now you know how to unlearn swearing. From now on everything is in your hands.

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