Hot Ice

Experiment - Hot Ice
I was just mesmerized when I repeated this beautiful and exciting experiment! It does not contain hardly accessible reagents, all components are in the kitchen - it is baking soda and vinegar. This experiment is called “hot ice”. It can be repeated by anyone! We need:
  • - 1 kilogram of vinegar 70%.
  • - 978 grams of food soda.
  • - 200 milliliters of water.
Mix all ingredients in a plastic container. And we observe how the chemical reaction of soda with a bite occurs with the release of carbon dioxide. When mixing, be careful with acetic acid, the thing is still dangerous and requires special attention. After a few hours, we received sodium acetate trihydrate. We transfer this white matter into an enameled pan and begin to heat. We need to melt sodium acetate trihydrate in a saucepan. After some time we will get a clear liquid. Put the solution in a bucket of cold water and cover with a lid.After cooling, our hot ice will be ready. From the previous tank, we had to have a few grams of sodium acetate trihydrate in crystalline form before heat treatment. So, even a small sodium acetate crystal is able to start the crystallization process in a cooled solution. If you now dip your hand into the solution and there are sodium acetate crystals on your fingertips, then the whole solution will crystallize quickly. Repeat this wonderful experiment, and send the photo in the comments, everyone will be interested o look at your score.

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