Heard on the New Year

Unexpected magical stories that the New Year gives us

How many amazing and joyful events happen to people on New Year's Eve! Funny and touching, unexpectedly pleasant and just good life situations. In this article we have collected for you the best non-fiction stories that are associated with a wonderful New Year holiday. We have already charged a great New Year mood by reading them. Now it's your turn!

Heard on the New Year

  • As a child, I watched the New Year fireworks through the window and sincerely believed my beloved father that fireworks were launched into the sky in honor of me. Waving to people on the street and feeling like a real princess. My father is a miracle!
  • Heard on the New Year

  • The younger sister made a reservation today, saying: "Grandfather Frost is very far away - at the server pole." Of all the family members, I just screamed ... because I work as a sysadmin.
  • In the second class at the matinee, all my peers rejoiced because they were snowflakes and princesses. And I was not very fun, because I wanted to be a ninja turtle. It is a pity that dreams do not always come true ...
  • 31th of December.She returned late in the evening from work, managed to quickly tidy up the apartment. It remains an hour and a half to 00.00. I glued the garlands to the windows on the scotch tape, turned them on, lay down on the sofa and began only to throw the tangerine peel on the floor. And what, and so you can celebrate!
  • Heard on the New Year

  • What a pity that now do not sell those glass Soviet toys on the Christmas tree ... But we still have such! We always keep them very carefully and tremblingly decorate their beautiful fir-tree.
  • Always waiting with great pleasure for the new year. Let nothing super-special happen (and, in fact, WHAT should this happen?), But every year you are waiting for this holiday like a small child, and so joyfully in your heart! Waiting for a miracle is one of the happiest moments in life ...
  • Heard on the New Year

  • He dressed up in a suit of Santa Claus to surprise his son, however, he made a fatal mistake: when he saw Grandfather in his father's slippers, he immediately said: “Daddy”.
  • I tried to make a wish for the chiming clock. However, he could not choose him among a huge number of desires. I was confused and did not think of anything!

Heard on the New Year

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