Healing by text

Carl Gustave Jung says that the behavior of neurotics and the behavior of healthy people is very difficult to distinguish. No wonder there is a saying "We are all a little horse." The fact is that neurosis occurs depending on the strength of the human psyche and the power of stimuli. We never know what exactly will become a straw breaking the camel's back. However, the neurosis can go into one of the three phases - deterioration of the situation with sometimes irreversible consequences; cure and return to a normal healthy life; higher creativity. So, if we take any serious creator, we will find in him a whole bunch of mental disorders, the energy of which he translates into creativity.

And this is one of the very important and powerful methods of getting rid of a mental crisis - creativity. A variant of creativity can be writing texts. You transfer the accumulated suffering, unresolved issues on paper. In a sense, this is average masochism, since at this moment you are experiencing particular torment. It is as if you are opening an abscess on your body with a scalpel.But this action allows you to get rid of the accumulated irritation.

Take a piece of paper or a laptop; a tablet doesn't matter. And write a few lines. Describe all that annoys you. Just list the items that at the moment you care, angry, enraged. When you put irritating factors on paper, it will become easier for you - as you call the names of your demons, which prevent you from living in peace. And in magic, the one who knows the name of the demon can control it. Then rest and list all that gives you joy, pleasure or could bring relief. Allegorically speaking, these will be your angels. Even such a simple exercise can bring some comfort.

If you feel that the scripture soothes you and gives you the necessary relaxation, you can continue the treatment with the text. You can directly put on paper your sufferings, problems, enumerate life difficulties. Or you can switch to fantasy and write a story or a scene. You can go for a walk and record what you see, even if it is not an extraordinary event, but just a description of the nature or behavior of people.Try to make a paper an event from the past or a fantasy about the future. What is important is not what genre or style you will write; the very fact that you will do it is important - translate your thoughts into text.

Try it now and see what's easier for you.

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