Handwork from a twine

Handwork from a twineSelf-made toys or household items will add warmth and comfort to any interior. Today we will tell you how to make your own crafts from twine.

Master class: a pair of horses in love

  1. The head of a horse.We smear the “Kinder Egg” capsule with “Titan” glue and wrap it with a string, which we press well when winding. The coils should be smooth and neat.
  2. Torso. We open the capsule, in its end we make a small hole with the tip of scissors, we insert folded 4-5 times of jute into it. We glue them to the walls of the workpiece. This is the tail. Close the capsule halves and wrap them with string.
  3. Neck and legs.For the manufacture of the neck and legs will need wooden skewers. We make blanks about 8-10 cm long. We pierce with an awl in those places where we will make legs at the horse, and insert skewers into them. We make holes for the neck (in the body and in the head) almost at the end of the capsule.

    Master class: a pair of horses in love

  4. Hooves.To make a hoof, take a piece of paper napkin and paste it on the edge of the skewer.To make it thicker, we wind more threads from above. We spread the legs and neck "Titan" and wrap them with twine.Master class: a pair of horses in love
  5. Mane and bangs.A horse-girl should have long hair. We cut the twine into equal segments and tie them to the main thread in such a way that two edges of the same length depart from the knot. For the mane, we use about 10 blanks, and for bangs, which we do much shorter, 4 or 5. We glue the main threads with “Titan” and glue them along the line: from the back of the head to the junction of the neck and body. Using an awl, we separate the twine strands on the bangs, manes and tail.
  6. Ears. Cut out from a thick fabric two blanks to which we attach twine in a circle. Use for this hot glue.
  7. Eyesmake coffee beans.
  8. We tie bows on the mane and tail, we decorate the body with beautiful braid, we tie bright ribbons on the hooves.Master class: a pair of horses in love

Look at the video for a slightly different version of the figurine, maybe you will like it more.

Be sure to make a pair for your horse, together they will look twice as good. Only shorten the boy's bangs and mane and do not tie the bows.

Christmas tree of twine, decorated with coffee beans

The image of the Christmas tree is associated with well-being and good changes in the coming year.So that only good luck and joy accompany us all year, you need to keep the tree of happiness always at hand.
Christmas tree of twine, decorated with coffee beans
It will take quite a bit of time to do this kind of twine crafts with your own hands.

  1. Cut out 3 isosceles triangles from a cardboard with a base of 10 cm and sides of 20 cm. We join them with scotch tape and fill the internal cavity with a newspaper.
  2. To make the bottom, put the figure on a piece of paper and draw its outlines. Cut out the part and pierce its center with an awl. Into the hole we insert a tree trunk consisting of four skewers connected by adhesive tape.
  3. The bottom is attached to the workpiece with hot glue.
  4. We cover the craft with acrylic paint and let it dry thoroughly.
  5. We glue the workpiece with glue and, starting from the bottom, carefully wrap it with a string.
  6. Paint the bottom in brown.
  7. Barrel skewer wrapped with golden braid.Christmas tree of twine, decorated with coffee beans
  8. Glue the bottom of the coffee beans.
  9. To decorate the Christmas tree do flowers from twine, which consist of five petals. For each face you need four pieces.
  10. Fasten flowers with glue "Titan", having in the center of each one coffee grain.
  11. On the bottom edge of the Christmas tree decorate with braid.
  12. Pour a pot or a box with gold-colored corrugated paper. We tie bright bows around. Inside tightly insert a piece of foam.

Insert the trunk of the tree into the pot and decorate the coffee beans mixed with shiny beads.

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