"Golden Pyramid": an art project has become a festival

Creative evenings held at the Pharaoh Hall Relax Café and Charlie Gold show-bar at the Sovremennik Central City Cinema Complex became so popular that the indoor space was too small for this large-scale project, and it was decided to bring the project to a new level.
Presenters of the festival Ksenia Vdovikina and David Kuruma
Photo: Dmitry Strakhov

Over the 4 years of its existence, the cultural project “Golden Pyramid” has managed to gain a constant audience and involve many poets, performers, musicians not only from Penza, but also from Moscow, Saratov, Perm and even the USA into the circle of its participants. The opening of the 1st Music and Poetry Festival as part of the project was held on October 16 in the Charlie Gold hall. The permanent presenter and author of the project, a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia and the Russian Geographical Society, David Kuruma, and the president of the festival - poetess, a member of the Writers' Union of Russia Lidiya Terekhina, welcomed the speakers and spectators who comfortably sat at tables in the hall.

On the first festival day, participants were in the nomination "Author's Song". However, the variety of live music played in the genre respect, perhaps, can hardly fit into such a narrow formulation. Rock and roll, blues, ethnics, romance, bard song - completely different musical rhythms and directions followed each other, not letting the public get bored and responding to the most varied tastes and preferences. Incendiary melodies of guests from Saratov - Lovers of the Cause group, Vyacheslav Shundrov's bravado-hooligan motifs, black humor of Vladislav Belyakov’s plot songs, Vyacheslav Filonov’s traditional bard songs, Xenia’s songs like fresh wind Kichkidova and other bright performances. But all of them were united by author's texts and music of their own composition - probably, in this sense, the notion “author's song” is applicable here.

The winners were determined by a competent jury, headed by Honored Artist of Russia, the head of the Stargorod Governor's Ensemble Mikhail Kokorin. They were: Sergey Skorlyakov, whose powerful vocals and performing skills were appreciated by the jury and listeners (I place),Valentina Tantsyreva with heartfelt lyric compositions (II place) and Anneta Hels, who sang author songs with a bias in folk motives (III place). Audience Choice Award was shared by the group “The Coming of Spring”, which conquered the hall with energetic blues, and the famous Penza journalist Vladislav Belyakov.

If the winners of the “Author's Song” nomination can be congratulated with the recognition of their talent and well-deserved prize places, then all the spectators and the creative community of Penza will be presented with the opening of the 1st Music and Poetry Festival as part of the Golden Pyramid art project.

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