Gluttony on camera: what is crazy Korean "mokpan" and what it is "eating"

Video blogging has recently ceased to be just a strange hobby, and has become a real profession. Young people earn thousands of dollars, demonstrate episodes from their lives, observations or just playing computer games, which is called streaming. But bloggers from South Korea went farthest - on video hosting is gaining popularity unusual phenomenon "mokpan". What is it and what does it eat?


South Koreans are a hardworking people. In the 1960s, there was a boom in urbanization, and young people began to spontaneously move to major cities. There, people rented one-room apartments, studied and worked, and there was often no time left for communication and personal life. This tendency is associated with the appearance of mokpan. People began to use video calls more often, during which they even dined with their friends and relatives.

Then came the fashion show on television, where the actors and chefs demonstrated expressive eating of food. Their style began to be copied by videobloggers - and so was born the mokpan, and the online gluttons became known as bijs. Now this strange passion is engaged in young people from 20 to 30 years old, who still often live alone. On camera, they interact with the audience, absorbing a large amount of food, chomping and making other sounds. By the way, in South Korea, this is not considered ignorance, but a demonstration of the pleasure of eating.


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It would seem, how do BJs make money? It turns out that South Koreans are so pleased to watch someone eat, that they are ready not only to become regular subscribers, but also to sponsor a kind of show. At the moment, a number of bloggers and analysts of the online market believe that the phenomenon will soon become popular in Western countries. Well ... we'll see. Although it is worth adding that it is much more pleasant to eat yourself than to watch this process on YouTube.

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