Get over it girls: not everyone will get the princes with money

You look, it happens, that you marvel at some kind of cuttlefish - neither skin nor mug and in general a vislozad mustang. What counts, voicing claims for a better life, is not very clear. But it does sound, demand!

I'll tell you a story that happened ten years ago.

Olya - the same Vislozad Mustang - graduated from the Faculty of Philology, got a job as a proofreader of other people's texts in a publishing house and began to receive her three pennies. She considered herself a unique and even deep woman. Re-read, you see, a lot of excess from the works of Marina Tsvetaeva and Anna Akhmatova.

In the depths of her soul, the beautiful girls Olya despised, being sure that men need a soul. Internal beauty or what is it? But spirituality, Olga believed, is definitely present, it remains to wait for the prince.


Prince, according to the laws of the genre of fairy tales, appeared, of course. Drawing teacher from a boarding school, great guy.Also, ahem, he loved the poets of the Silver Age and could support any thought to rhyme.

Olya and the prince married, converging on the basis of their immense spirituality, but in marriage - all of a sudden! - I wanted to eat.

The prince's salary was sad, and Olin's income left too much room for sad sighs during shopping. And then the young wife broke through.

How, Olya was indignant, I am a unique all that! - I can not buy myself a sweater from Etro, when everyone around gets a birthday for their husbands Mercedes? I am an original copy of a rational man, with me deeply, I have been spiritualized beyond measure!

Husband, Olga once said, and when will we get decent money? Maybe it's time you bring a mammoth in the house?

The prince looked at Olya with surprise and asked if his wife was in himself. Didn’t you see that she was marrying a drawing teacher, and not a tycoon at all?

Olya thought. Indeed, there were no proposals from the oligarchs, but I want the money! Beautiful life, rags, travel and, finally, their homes.

You know, Olya said, and I will stop giving you if you don’t start earning money! I will separate from the bed of marriage - so inspired people call the bed.

The prince was not a slacker, but how much will you earn in an orphanage as a drawing teacher? Moreover, he tried - gave lessons on the ad, took night duty and generally worked a lot. Having received weaning from the bed, he immediately made a mistress.


The mistress, the teacher of the same boarding school, healthfully assessed herself. Oligarchs - models, teachers - something that is commensurate with common sense. Having twined the prince with knitted himself socks and homemade borsch, the reptile took the prince away from Olya.

Now Olga is under forty. She still thinks she deserves more, she just didn’t work out. She doesn’t want something mediocre, and it’s - even mediocre –– hasn’t pecked at her invocative spell for a long time.

Health to evaluate yourself - a big science. Everything in life is logical and fair. Vislozopym mustangs - ponies, thoroughbred fillies - Arabian horses.

Why am I doing this? Oh, yes: yes, please log in already, friends! Happiness is impossible without common sense! Even mediocre, which, you see, is not so bad.

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