George Clooney wants to end his acting career

Winner of the awards "Oscar" and "Golden Globe" George Clooney no longer wants to act in films, as he said in a recent interview. According to George, it's simple: he no longer needs the money. In 2013, she and her friend Randy Gerber, husband of Cindy Crawford, founded Casamigos tequila production company (not on an industrial scale, but for their own), and then came the moment when another company wanted to buy it ... for a billion dollars! The offer came from the company Diageo, which produces including the famous Guinness beer. That is, in one day, Clooney and a friend earned more than they collected at the box office a few of the latest films with George’s participation, taken together. "I was engaged in an actor's craft to make a living - to pay bills and the like, but now this is not necessary," - explained the actor, laughing.

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