Fractional nutrition as a way of life

Fractional nutrition is a meal 5-6 times a day in small portions. This kind of food helps to lose weight, tighten your figure and get rid of many chronic diseases. Meal in small portions should not consist of three dishes with compote. Food should be light and low in calories. The goal of fractional nutrition is to reduce calorie intake. Quickly with this diet you will not lose weight, but the results always exceed expectations. The weight is kept stable and does not return.

Where to start.

1. Fractional feeding means adding light snacks between breakfast, lunch and dinner to your diet. You should not abruptly switch to such a diet or make yourself restrictions, you just need to reduce the portion. Of course, getting used to small portions will be quite difficult, but all this is fixable. Eat fractional should begin better with a day off. Because at home you can always check how much you have eaten per day.

2. Do not eat food strictly by the hour.It is best to eat on the first sign of hunger, but not earlier than 2 hours after the last snack. It happens that you are busy with a very interesting thing, then you should then set yourself reminders on the phone that it is time to have a bite.

3. At the beginning of the journey you should write down everything that you ate during the day. This helps to correct your diet.

4. Do not use heavy fats in your diet. In salads, instead of mayonnaise, it is better to add a little vegetable or olive oil. Muesli and products containing whole grains must be present in the diet. They help normalize the intestinal microflora.

5. Especially to count the portion for one meal is not necessary. It is about 200 ml - this is the volume of the glass. For convenience, you can buy a small plate and a bowl.

6. In the diet of fractional power must be present soup. It is easily digested and low-calorie. For breakfast it is best to eat foods rich in carbohydrates. But in the afternoon and evening to give preference to protein and fiber.

7. It is not necessary to eat chocolate bars. For comparison, take a bar with nuts, it contains 500 kcal - it can be replaced with 3 bananas - 450 kcal. Both healthy and tasty.Also throw out from your stock all kinds of chips, crackers, glazed cheese, nuts, seeds. Moreover, the feeling of hunger, they dull for a while, and the calories are replaced by a complex lunch. About Fast Food in general should be forgotten. This is not only harming the shape and health.

Ideal foods for a light snack are: 1. Bread and cereal bread; 2. Low-fat cottage cheese; 3. Vegetable and fruit salads; 4. Vegetables; 5. Yogurt without sugar; 6. Fruits; 7. Muesli.

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