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Why dream of a flower?

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What dreams of a flower, dream book
What dreams of a flower, dream book

According to the meridian dream book

If there are a lot of flowers in your dream, then you shouldn't be prematurely happy. It is a symbol of beauty and well-being, but not in those cases when you look at the wildflowers, which means sorrow in reality, or artificial, an armful of which speaks only of sadness. Also, many flowers can be interpreted as the beginning of a romantic relationship or the successful continuation of old ones.

Many colors that are full of colors and fragrant - to the joys of life.

In addition, if there were flowers in your dreams, then this may indicate a quick reward.

Idiomatic dream book:

In this dream book, any flower is associated with such events as mourning, celebration, meeting, date, funeral, love.

Female dream book

If the dreamer saw fresh flowers blooming in the garden, this foreshadows for him a romantic meeting in real life, or other pleasures associated with acquisitions. Accordingly, dry or withering flowers can only bring trouble and talk to a person about health problems.If you dreamed that you are engaged in floriculture and plant flowers in flowerbeds, then this characterizes you as a wise person, capable of noble and pure deeds. One has only to remember that if you saw a white flower in a dream, then this is a sign of sadness.

Some dreamers may observe a zeal for composing bouquets in a dream. They tear flowers only to make themselves or someone nice. In this case, this means that a person is ready to comprehend the world and learn a new science.

Those who in the dream braid a wreath should wait for a meeting with the beloved. Perhaps soon such a dreamer will have a new family.

To dream a flower with sharp thorns, which you have been given, but it pricks your hands, can symbolize treason or deep spiritual feelings for a loved one.

If a girl in a dream is watching how she is presented in a dream with a huge bouquet of a wide variety of flowers, then in reality she will have to communicate with a large number of fans. But if it is showered with fans of all kinds of bouquets, it can promise prolonged loneliness in reality.

Small Veles dream

Different flowers in a dream characterize different events in reality.In principle, a flower in a dream is a good thing, for girls it is a new acquaintance or a quick wedding, a possible pregnancy, but at the same time such a dream can speak about envious people, intrigues, sadness and even death. Therefore it is worth paying for all sorts of little things. For example, if the flower is on the windowsill, then it is not good. To plant flowers in a dream - to trouble, but for the one who decided to water them - to the joy and happiness.

If the dreamer decorates his head with flowers, then soon he will have to take a walk at someone else's wedding or other event. True, another interpretation of this dream is less attractive. Flowers in the head can mean a beating in reality for the dreamer. Need to be careful.

Every flower in a dream means something. It is worth paying attention to the color of the resulting bouquet. For example, white flowers - to success, yellow - to the difficulties, and red - to the wedding or illness.

Many bouquets for the dreamer will bring sadness in real life. But at the same time, fresh flowers are for joy and success. Pleasant news awaits everyone that folds each flower to form a bouquet.

Sleep, where the flower in the dew - to the unpleasant completion of the planned cases.

Psychoanalytic dream book:

The dream can be interpreted depending on the shape of the flower petals. Definitely, to see a bright flower in a dream is beauty, delight from new relationships, as well as tenderness and love.

Russian dream book:

Flowers in a dream warn of trouble, and field can mean sad events in reality. Artificial flowers warn against sad events.

Symbolic dream book

In principle, flowers, in any case in dreams, symbolize some vital event for the sleeper. It can be holidays, and the beginning of a new romantic relationship, and parting for lovers. It is also worth mentioning the faded flowers, which certainly do not promise anything good and rather warn of possible troubles, and even the death of relatives. Observation for the sleeper of flowering bushes can talk about the prosperity of things in reality. Potted flowers characterize family relationships, home life. Wildflowers indicate a person's luck.

Gypsy dream book:

In this dream book, sniffing a flower - to sorrow and frustration, but to tear it up - to great happiness. White flowers characterize innocence, sincerity and honesty.If a dreamer in a dream collects wildflowers, then it is unequivocal about physical and spiritual weakness. Red flowers are considered to be the heralds of illness and death, and yellow flowers indicate possible obstacles.

According to the dream book of Medea:

In a dream, each flower speaks of feelings, either of the beginning of a new relationship, or of their final outcome. If the dreamer accidentally broke a flower, then it promises a break in his relationship, sadness. Poppies in a dream indicate the fact that you are under the influence of others and are as if under hypnosis. Lilies of the valley can be characterized as the initial stage of a new nascent feeling. What dreams of such a flower as a narcissus should be immediately clear. He warns you against excessive selfishness. Chamomile in a dream can talk about small pleasures, and the rose promises happiness in personal.

Icelandic Dream Book

This interpreter says that tearing or simply watching flowers in a dream is harmful.

Slavic dream book:

Wild flowers for a dreamer can talk about possible losses in reality, although in principle a dream in which there is a flower promises happiness for the sleeper. Only withered flowers tend to foreshadow adversity.

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