Fitness in the USSR: the secrets of harmony of our moms and dads

At that time there were no personal trainers and such a variety of effective methods for losing weight, which are now. Nevertheless, in Soviet times, people suffering from obesity, was much less than today. Yes, and at the Olympic Games of the USSR was ahead of the rest. What is the secret of harmony and championship medals, learned

Sport - to the masses!


This slogan was not only painted on posters, but also fully implemented in the lives of people. In each Soviet yard, horizontal bars were installed, hockey boxes, and places for volleyball courts were reserved. In each district of the city has its own stadium. Sport and a healthy lifestyle were actively promoted in the USSR. Sections for children and adults were free. Everyone was given bicycles, skates, skis for free or for a small fee. There were always sports clubs and clubs at schools.

From each radio in the morning there was a call to stand on the charge.Men in white T-shirts, women in tracksuits did the exercises standing on the balcony or lined up in the yard. Collective charging was the norm. Special people worked at the enterprises, who every day at certain hours came to the workshops to the workers and conducted industrial gymnastics. As Vladimir Vysotsky sang, “inhale deep, arms wider, do not rush, three, four”.

Ordinary walking was also helpful to keep the Soviet people slim. Far from everyone could afford a car at that time, so it was necessary to move a lot. In addition, transport stops were not always located near the house. Sad, but the fact is that there was a shortage of food in the stores and the population simply could not physically gain extra calories.

Aerobics on TV


In the Soviet Union, it was called rhythmic gymnastics. She was shown on central television for seven years, from 1984 to 1991. The exercise complexes were made and showed famous personalities: sportsmen, ballerina, actors and actresses of the theater and cinema. The audience performed the exercises to the music and at a fast pace.The releases were filmed not only in the studios, but also against the backdrop of nature, the sea. Leading rhythmic gymnastics and their assistants were wearing bright elastic suits and leggings.

To all - on hulakhupu


The fashion for the hoop appeared in the USSR in the early 60s. And she came to us, as you might guess, from the United States. Hulahup spun everything, regardless of gender and age. Hoops were metal, if desired, you could buy one that is heavier - filled with sand. It is rumored that the trend - to engage with hulahup reached the then head of the country, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Nikita Khrushchev, who watched the weight and often followed the diets.

Disk "Grace"

A metal spinning disc, without exaggeration, was in every home and center of physical therapy. Small and light, it was easily placed under the chair or sofa. By the way, this Soviet simulator for strengthening the abdominal muscles, improving the waist and posture is still being sold in many sports and online stores. Its design and exercise technique have not changed at all. You need to stand on the disc and make twisting movements left and right.

Soviet children managed to ride around the apartment and spin each other in a sitting position, like Yule.Resourceful men put the disc under the TV, so that when viewing it is easy to turn the screen in the right direction.

Expander for everything


This simple simulator was also in every family. With the expander, the men liked to do it, because he allowed to pump all the important muscles: arms, chest, back. For brushes, by the way, there was a separate expander - in the form of a rubber ring. Guys and men could walk along the road or read a newspaper and squeeze this tiny trainer in their hands.

Iplikator Kuznetsova

A medical mat with many small needles was used for many ailments: back, neck, migraine pains. The most courageous practiced walking on it with bare feet. The rug, according to the assurances of its inventor, Ivan Kuznetsov, had a preventive, curative, activating and tonic effect, ensuring the health of the body. By the way, mats with plastic spikes are produced and sold now. Their action is also based on reflexology.

Dumbbells and weights


Cast iron dumbbells and tumbler weights were also a frequent attribute in Soviet apartments and in all sports sections.In terms of energy costs, they easily replaced modern fitness training, because they had considerable weight. Weights weighed 16, 24 or 32 kg, and produced almost 100 Soviet factories! Each company had its own label, which was applied to the weight. By the way, recently on the Internet there was an agiotage - they bought “roly-poly”, released in the USSR. And all because ostensibly in an alloy of weights valuable metals were used. But the information turned out to be false.

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