Finally “Matilda” and 7 more movie premieres of the weekend

Not sure how to spend the weekend? Go to the cinema! The film “Matilda” by Alexey Teacher, a nostalgic horror film “Saw-8”, “Shanghai Carrier”, where the Asian actors are painted in blond Orlando Bloom, a great animated cartoon “We are Monsters” and some more cute premieres.


Beautiful fairy tale about love.

Producer:Alexey Uchitel
Cast:Michalina Olshanska, Lars Eidinger, Louise Wolfram, Danila Kozlovsky, Ingeborg Dapkunayte, Sergey Garmash

A film is finally coming out on wide screens, which has been talked about more in recent months than any other. The picture about the relationship of the last emperor and the ballerina may be disappointing if you go to the cinema for something frondersky. And it can be fun if you tune in to a melodrama, almost fabulous. The scale, colors and pathos of the tape are as if they were shooting a story about the next Cinderella - with a Russian flavor in the form of a ballet, the Assumption Cathedral and “God Save the Tsar”.


Cinema about the fact that in Korea there is no happiness, neither in that nor in this.

Producer:Kim Ki Duk
Cast:Ryu Son-bom, Lee Won-gyun, Kim Young-min, Choi Gwi-hwa

Melancholic and philosopher Kim Ki Duk shot a drama about a North Korean fisherman, who was accidentally caught in a boat in the waters of South Korea. In a free country the fisherman was tortured with interrogations and torture. Returning to his homeland, to his wife and daughter, the poor fellow received a warm welcome and ... a meeting with the North Korean special services. Kim Ki Duk raises an important question for every Korean and answers it harshly and, alas, without hope.

Shanghai Carrier

Steep Orlando Bloom carries an expensive Chinese vase.

Producer:Charles Martin
Cast:Orlando Bloom, Lynn Hun, Simon Yam, Hannah Quinlyvan, Xin Yu.

Orlando Bloom plays a private security agent accompanying a package with expensive antiques from Shanghai to London. This task will not be easy for him, because behind the load a criminal gang opens the hunt. The agent comes to the aid of well-trained local specialists. Asian films with one big Hollywood star are not uncommon. In the center of "Carrier", Orlando Bloom, who was repainted again in blond, who is fighting fiercely, jokes and juggles with honor for an hour and a half of a dynamic plot.


"Cook on wheels" in the Indian style.

Producer:Raja Menon
Cast:Saif Ali Khan, Padmapriya, Dhanish Kartik, Rem Gopal Bajaj

The film "Cook on Wheels" by John Favreau inspired Indian filmmakers, and they shot a cute remake. Chef Roshan works in an expensive Michelin-based restaurant, but does not enjoy life, communicates with his son a little and loses inspiration. Then Roshan opens a diner-trailer with street food and, together with his son, goes on a very tasty trip to his native country. There will be dancing, there will be food! However, after the movie you want not so much to eat as to go to India.

Saw 8

The continuation of the cult horror franchise.

Directors:Michael Spirig, Peter Spirig
Cast:Matt Passmore, Tobin Bell, Callum Keith Rennie, Hannah Anderson, Cla Bennett

"Saw-8" - the best that you can see on the approaching Halloween. The maniac murderer John Kramer died ten years ago, but murders in his refined style continue to be committed. This is a strange thing that new heroes take to face the result of sadistic torture, which, like in previous films, was filmed with a minimum of computer graphics and using props.


Fantastic fighter about aggressive aliens.

Producer:Liam O’Donnell
Cast:Frank Grillo, Boyana Novakovic, Iko Wise, Callan Mulvey

Huge rays of light suck dozens of people into spacecraft hanging over the city. The brutal detective who lost his teenage son in this way is ready to do anything to find him and prevent the invasion of evil aliens. The money for the second Skyline was spent twice as much as the first, twenty million dollars, so that the aliens became more powerful, and the panic is more terrible, and the battles are more dynamic.

"We are monsters"

A cartoon about how an ordinary family turned into Halloween characters.

Producer:Holger Tappe

The cute Wishbone family, looking for costumes on the approaching Halloween, is exposed to the spell of Dracula. Mom becomes a vampire, dad becomes a green Frankenstein, a son turns into a woolly werewolf, and the eldest daughter becomes a mummy. The emphasis in the cartoon on mom, at whose feet Dracula himself laid his heart. In order to become human again and break the spell, this little family must become ... just happy. Funny cartoon filmed by the book of David Safir.

"I found a scythe on a stone"

Funny and bitter grotesque about the post-Soviet.

Producer:Anja Kreis
Cast:Alexey Solonchev, Ekaterina Vinogradova, Ksenia Kutepova, Robert Vaab, Julianna Mikhnevich

Successful debut of a young director, who won the Grand Prix of the festival "Movement". The place of action is the city of Ivanovo, the time is 2000. In the center is a family who lost her son in Chechnya. The brother of the deceased tries to fulfill his request, cutting through the city on a motorcycle. His girlfriend is being raped. Her sectarian mother is committing murder. Sarcasm breaks through the bitterness in the cinema, and a look at the post-Soviet reality is still directed from afar, from our 2017th. Separate pleasure - the game of Ksenia Kutepova, which we have not seen on the screen in worthy roles for a long time.

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