Does female treason improve complexion?

Read here on "Snob"The opus of one intelligent man and fell into a stupor. I quote the brightest moments of the flight of his thoughts: “Treason is very useful for women. From her woman incredibly prettier. No beauty treatments and cremations are as effective as a passionate kiss with a colleague in the back of a taxi. With whom I had a long look. Who mumbles: “What are you, uh!” Who looks at her admiringly, who wants her, smearing lipstick on his cheeks. Woman created for passion, love, vibrations. The best husband is able to get bored. A woman languishes. The woman fades. Hair falls out, eyes grow dull, nails exfoliate.

Does female treason improve complexion?

Must change necessarily. As soon as the spleen or circles under the eyes, immediately rush into treason. Treason improves hormones, skin color, uplifting. The most expensive cosmetologist will not help as much as a brief tumultuous romance. ”

How great, they gave us good! And not ourselves, whispering over a glass of coffee, but a man who is wise with life experience and love affairs.And I even agree with him somewhere: nothing paints a woman like a burning look and a light blush caused by a hormonal and emotional explosion, but ...

After reading this revelation, I realized that men do not understand the true causes of female adultery and consider them only hormonal adventures. In the overwhelming majority of women change their husbands due to lack of attention, love and affection

It is very rare when a woman, unlike a man, needs dull mechanical sex - we need something more. And here lies the most terrible thing - confusion of feelings. We women can not share a bed and a soul, more often than not we fall in love with a lover, and then there can be no question of maintaining a happy marriage.

I mean normal women who can decide to change because of the emptiness of their personal lives in marriage. For such women, the expression "shook off and went" does not fit. She will not shake off, will not go, will look around all her life either with a feeling of the wildest guilt, or with love and longing, but never her relationship with her husband will not be as easy as before. This is the main difference between male and female treason.

Does female treason improve complexion?

Here are a few statements of women who decided to commit adultery:

“I wanted an easy intrigue, but my feelings played a cruel joke with me. I fell in love with this man, although there is no future: I am married, he is married. This is the torment of hell when I think that he is sleeping with his wife. ”

“Only sex and no other feelings? We can not do it. Feelings still came, they could not turn off. "

“The connection on the side calmed me down. But my relationship with my husband is not better. I can not accept the fact that I no longer bring him in bed. Sexual needs are met, but the solution to family problems is even more foggy than before. My family life is at an impasse, I do not see what to fight for. ”

“We agreed with my dear that our relationship will be based only on sex. But this is only a theory. I fell madly in love, although we have a family. Treason, girls, only gives rise to problems. "

Does female treason improve complexion?

Of course, I am not going to read morals to adults, this is the stupid habit of not quite smart people. And if you decide to commit adultery, then for good reason, and you have the right to do so. But remember: female treason always has a devastating effect on the family. A woman begins to idealize her lover, and her husband turns into a demon.Therefore, I advise you to think a hundred times before you decide to refresh your fading marriage in this way.

Of course, it is easier for men to talk about this: when a man changes, he usually does not have any feelings for an accidental woman. Amused, dressed - and in the family

Loving his wife because of his infidelities, he will not be less, but the woman on the contrary. It is a fact! So I do not advise you to test your marriage for strength in this way: women find a compromise with their conscience far less often than men.

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