Features of Turkish dishes

Turkish cuisine is famous all over the world. And what are its main features?

A bit of history

The Turks, like many other nations, were nomads. They moved from one place to another and therefore constantly got acquainted with new products. In addition, in the territory of modern Turkey, Seljuks, Assyrians, Greeks, Persians, Armenians, Turks and many other nationalities previously lived, each of which left its unique mark in the culinary traditions.

And that is why Turkish cuisine is so diverse and famous throughout the world. And in the Ottoman Empire, food was practically a cult. For example, several centuries ago, about 13,000 cooks worked at the Istanbul Palace simultaneously, and each of them had its own specialization.

But even in the traditional kitchen, the influence of Islam was reflected, and in this religion, as is known, there are many prohibitions. Such a rich history explains such a variety of Turkish dishes.

Main features

Main features of Turkish cuisine:

  • Almost all dishes can be called useful.First of all, only useful products are used most often for their preparation. Secondly, the Turks prefer such cooking methods as baking, boiling, stewing. Fried and fatty dishes are very few.
  • The absence of one dominant and most popular dish. This is available in almost every national cuisine, but not in Turkish. Even if you ask a Turk what dish is considered traditional, he will not be able to answer and will begin to list all the dishes.
  • Diversity. Since in Turkey there are almost all products, then the dishes in this country are incredibly diverse, which can not but rejoice tourists.
  • Abundance. Turks do not understand snacks, they take food for a long time, enjoying every bit. In addition, there are always several dishes on the table (this can be seen in all Turkish hotels), and each of them should be tried.
  • All dishes are incredibly beautiful, bright, exciting and boosting appetite. But if you noticed, the Turks themselves are mostly slender. And all because they use healthy and practically dietary products for cooking traditional dishes and chew food very carefully, which does not allow to overeat and gain weight.
  • Every meal turns into a real ritual. First, the dishes are served in a certain sequence. Any meal begins with meze (appetizers), which include all sorts of pickles, olives, stuffed vegetables and so on. Next, serve the main dishes. Soups play an important role. After them are meat or fish dishes with side dishes. And completes this kind of feast belly, of course, dessert. Secondly, food intake can last for several hours. Thirdly, the Turks never dine alone, so the meal turns into a family event or meeting friends.

Main products

What products do the Turks use to cook traditional dishes most often?

  • Meat. He is highly valued in this country and consumed in almost all forms. Most often the meat is fried in a frying pan or cooked on the grill.
  • Olives. They are practically the main component of Turkish cuisine, so they are often served as snacks and are added to a wide variety of dishes, and can also play the role of an independent side dish.
  • Vegetables. Eggplants are most often used, since they are available almost all the year round.They are served as a snack in salted or pickled form, fried, steamed, stewed, baked, stuffed and so on. Also, the Turks are very fond of tomatoes, which are generously added to the side dishes and used to make sauces.
  • Legumes They are served with vegetables or separately with meat dishes as side dishes and also play an important role.
  • Dairy. They make amazing desserts from milk, it is used to prepare famous and very useful Turkish yoghurts. And in Turkey they cook delicious cheeses. And especially popular varieties that are stored in the brine, such as feta, cheese. In general, in this country there are many varieties of cheeses. By the way, cheeses are eaten not only for breakfast, they are often used as a filling for baking.
  • Cereals. Of them are preparing different varieties of bread, which occupies a special place on the Turkish table. In addition, cereals are used for making side dishes. Rice is especially popular, it is cooked with meat, fish and vegetables.
  • A fish. Of course, the Turks love and enjoy the gifts of the sea. Especially popular are varieties of fish like swordfish, mullet, red mullet, skate and so on. Usually, all fish dishes are simple and simple.
  • Seafood: octopus, squid, mussels, lobster, shrimp, cuttlefish and so on.

All kinds of spicy spices and condiments are generously added to all dishes, there are incredibly many of them in Turkey. They not only give a spicy taste to the dish, but also decorate it.

Most popular dishes

So, what are the best dishes of Turkish cuisine? Each cook has its own secrets and recipes, then there are the main ones.


Turkey appreciates and respects all kinds of soups. It can be both rich and thick meat or fish soups, as well as light vegetable ones used as cold soup. The most common options are:

  • Ishkembe chorbasy - soup from giblets with vinegar and garlic.
  • Tarkhana chorbasy - tarkhany soup (these are dried and ground into powder pepper, flour, tomato, yeast and onion).
  • Merdzhimek chorbasy - red lentil soup.
  • Chorbasa Yoghurt - Yoghurt Soup

Meat dishes

  • Döner-kebab. This dish looks like shawarma.
  • Tandoor-kebab - lamb carcass, baked right in the ground.
  • Küft - small round cutlets.
  • Shish-kebab - meat fried on a spit with sweet pepper and tomatoes.


Pilafs (such a dish is called pilaf in Turkish cuisine) are cooked with meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables. They certainly add fragrant and bright spices.

Flour products

The most popular are:

Turkish sweets

In Turkey, the following sweets are popular:

  • Baklava - a delicacy of nuts and puff pastry.
  • Turks are very fond of candied fruit - candied and dried fruit.
  • Turkish delight similar to many sweet marshmallows.
  • Halva - the sweetness of nuts and seeds.

Most popular drinks

In Turkey, they love coffee, and Turkish coffee is known all over the world. Also, the Turks are very fond of tea, which they drink both in the morning, and in the afternoon, and in the evening. And not only traditional varieties (for example, black and green) are popular, but also more unusual.

Fruit teas are also appreciated. Many people like and often drink milk drinks, for example, airan, which is sometimes diluted with mineral water. As for alcoholic beverages, sweet wines and liqueurs, as well as anisette, are common.

Be sure to try the Turkish dishes and enjoy their amazing taste. Bon Appetit!

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