Features of cooking flavored latte

The divine taste of latte is born from a delicious espresso combined with soft milk and airy foam, decorated with grated chocolate or ground cinnamon. Today it is considered one of the most popular and popular drinks, it is enjoyed to be drunk all over the world.

And the coffee lovers should thank the Italians for it, who in the thirteenth century invented this captivating taste. For centuries, the latte recipe has been modified and refined. Now it looks more like a layered cocktail, which consists of coffee, hot milk and whipped froth (ratio 1: 2: 1, respectively).

Latte is used to make various cocktails. Ice cream, whipped cream and syrups are added to it. Fans of alcoholic beverages with pleasure savor a latte with rum or amaretto. And Bailey liqueur adds refinement to this drink.

Secrets of perfect taste

Cooking lattes is a whole art, which not only baristas, but also all coffee lovers in their kitchen can bring to life.We will tell you how to prepare a perfect cocktail without using expensive equipment. To do this, you need to know some secrets with which you can get the perfect drink. We list the main ones.

  • The cocktail is poured into a tall transparent glass (Irish-glass) so that you can enjoy not only the wonderful taste, but also appreciate its excellent design.
  • To get a lush glossy foam, you must use only milk of high fat content (at least 3.2%).
  • When brewing coffee is necessary to ensure that it does not boil.
  • If it is necessary to sweeten the drink, then sugar is added only to the espresso, and the syrup is poured to the bottom of the glass.
  • Freshly ground coffee should be brewed immediately, because after a quarter of an hour the aroma will significantly weaken.
  • As an additive, any syrups are used, except citrus, which makes milk sour.
  • Drink a cocktail should be immediately after preparation, so that espresso does not lose its taste.

What is the difference?

Latte is often confused with latte macchiato. The only significant difference is that when preparing the second drink, milk is first poured into the glass, and only then the espresso and the top are laid out with foam. In this case, the usual latte has a pronounced taste of coffee, and macchiato - milk.

Create unique patterns

In institutions, cocktails are often decorated with various patterns of frothed milk. This kind of art is called latte art. On the surface, you can not only create beautiful drawings, but also write declarations of love.

However, such masterpieces are not so easy to draw, this requires a certain skill. First you need to learn how to prepare a cocktail in perfection, especially paying attention to creating lush foam. After that, you can safely proceed to the development of simple patterns: heart, leaf, flower or apple. There are several techniques for creating such images:

  • pitching - drawing is applied with the help of a milkman (pitcher);
  • The etching pattern is formed by a sharp object (for example, a toothpick).

Professionals most often use both techniques at the same time.

Beautiful picture uplifting and makes smile. Try to create on the surface of the drink, and sooner or later you will create your own beautiful masterpiece.

Is it dangerous for a thin waist?

At the expense of fat milk latte is difficult to call a dietary product, and if you add sugar, the caloric content increases by several times.Therefore, if you watch your figure, then you should use skim milk. True, the foam at the same time will not be so lush and high, but then you can enjoy your favorite taste without worrying about your waist. And instead of sugar, you can treat yourself to a piece of dark chocolate.

Magical aroma and delicious taste in one glass

At home, you can easily make fragrant drink. It is best to use our proven recipe, with which you will create a wonderful treat.

Prepare the following ingredients:

  • 1 tsp ground coffee;
  • 1 cup of milk (fat content of at least 3.2%);
  • 0.5 cup of boiling water;
  • sugar (to taste);
  • ground cinnamon or grated chocolate (for decoration).

Start cooking:

  1. To start, make coffee in the Turk or in a special kitchen equipment.
  2. Heat the milk to a temperature of 50-60 С.
  3. With a mixer or blender, whisk half of the milk to foam.
  4. Strain the resulting coffee, pour it into a transparent glass.
  5. If desired, add sugar, mix.
  6. A thin stream pouring milk into the foundation.
  7. From the top, decorate the contents with foam and sprinkle with cinnamon or chocolate.

Our delicious drink is ready! To create it at home, you need quite a few products and a bit of patience.

Do not be discouraged, if from the first time the layers are mixed up - any art requires constant practice.

Berry happiness

This cocktail will not leave anyone indifferent! Try to create an amazing masterpiece in your kitchen.

To prepare it, prepare the following foods:

  • 50 ml of favorite syrup (except citrus);
  • 50 ml espresso;
  • 150 ml of full-fat milk;
  • various toppings.

Making a drink:

  1. 25 ml of the cooled syrup is poured to the bottom of the glass.
  2. Using a mixer, mix the rest of the syrup with 100 ml of warm milk, pour this mixture into an Irish glass.
  3. Top carefully (at the knife) pour freshly brewed hot espresso.
  4. Blend the remaining milk in a thick foam with a blender or mixer and place it in a glass with a spoon.
  5. With the help of chocolate crumb or small pieces of colored marshmallow we create beautiful patterns on the surface of the foam.

Feel free to experiment with various additives using whipped cream, vanilla, caramel syrups or sweet liqueurs.And over time, you will create your own original way of cooking an aromatic delicacy.

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