Features and Benefits of the New Guardian Line Factor

The company "Guardian" in the Russian market of entrance doors presented a completely new line called "Factor". The doors of steel in this series have become even more reliable, stylish and functional. According to experts, Door Factor will be the ideal solution for customers who prefer high reliability, as well as appreciate simplicity.

Doors of the ruler Factor

Among the main advantages of metal doors Factor from the "Guardian" can be distinguished worthy opposition to strong shocks, practicality in operation, versatility, democratic price, precise geometry of the canvas, quality assembly and much more. In addition, the design will well protect the room from drafts, background noise, as well as cold.Special attention should be paid to security: in this “Guardian” series, experts used lock systems of the second and fourth grade of burglary. The wide casing makes it possible to install door structures in almost any openings, regardless of size.

The Door Factor series from the Guardian is based on technology that has no analogues in the Russian Federation. The canvas is characterized by a seamless-bent, closed-loop seamless construction, which is characterized by increased strength. With regard to insulation, here used a rigid foamed polyurethane, so that the construction Factor has a high heat and sound insulation. Inside this canvas, the insulation forms a special monolithic slab, which provides 100% heat retention.

Bent profiles, which are used in the doors of the presented series, significantly enhance the door leaf. In the case of cutting the door hinges, attackers will have to face the problem of removing the fabric, which is securely fixed with the help of well-developed anti-lock fasteners.The added functionality of the door with a silent shutter adds more functionality to the doors. This peephole makes it possible to conduct a hidden examination of the space behind the door.

At the door "Factor" was also updated and the seal, which has a porous structure, and therefore provides a perfect fit of the canvas to the box. This insulation reliably protects against drafts, as well as the penetration of dust and various odors.

The design of the doors of the “Factor” line can be easily called practical, as it fits perfectly into the modern interior. Due to the special laminated coating that perfectly repeats the color of precious woods, the design has a spectacular appearance. There are cases when after mounting the door structure between the door and the wall there is an inaccurate opening. In this case, this opening can be advantageously hidden with the help of a wide metal casing.

A new series of modern steel entrance doors from the company "Guardian" has a large number of advantages.

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