Feather of thread! Master Class

I, too, was set on fire with the idea of ​​making such a feather out of threads. From white, red, black, orange, yellow ... Oh, and I'll do it and apply it, somewhere. Where I do not know, but somewhere I shove, such beauty will not stagnate!

And those that are on wooden skewers, will go for the game of Indians)))

Well, let's start!

We take the wire, glue, thread (it is better to take cotton, floss for example), scissors. Wire cut the desired length, it will be the core of the pen. Thread dipped in glue and wound on a wire.

Cut the thread of the desired length.

And we tie each thread on the knot to the rod.

To the last)))

We dip the future feather in the diluted with water in the gelva or paste from starch.

We take out and laid out on the plane.

It is advisable to put the oilcloth so that the pen does not stick to the surface.

The feather has dried,

Now cut off the excess.

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