Fashion trends in jewelry 2016

Women can not imagine their life without jewelry accessories. These cute little things are able to transform any girl, turning an ordinary business suit into a solemn dress or giving an elegant dress a special izaskannost.

Nowadays, the trend towards individuality and exclusivity prevails in the jewelry industry. Representatives of the fair sex are closely watching the shows of famous designers, trying to bring something unusual into the manufacture of the future accessory. And the purchase of such jewelry becomes a real hunt for single copies.

Tradition and innovation - the main theme of fashion

Jewelry houses for several decades have used gold, silver, platinum and precious stones as the basis for complementing women's everyday and festive images. But lately they have begun to take extravagant and sometimes even strange variations, becoming even more attractive and special.

Avid fashionistas always have in their arsenal several options for accessories for all occasions. And fashion experts advise in 2016 not to deny yourself the acquisition of new jewelry.

To look stunning, take a look at the main versions of the works of jewelers relevant this year:

  1. Wide bracelets with stones. Even if you are the owner of thin wrists, do not spare money for massive accessories. Bracelets, in which the glitter of gold is seen in the delicate gentle weaving, which is beautifully set off by precious stones, will become a real hit of the season. This may be a solid massive model with a pattern or, conversely, weaving like lace. But the essence should be in the main thing - the size. The wider the better. Such works of art can be worn over the sleeves of clothing in the cold and on the open wrist in a warm season.
  2. Openwork motifs. The time-consuming work of jewelry makers is seen not only in bracelets, but also in more minor details of the image - earrings, brooches and rings. Pendants or brooches in the form of a capillary net of a dried leaf will look especially elegant.Such additions will be very appropriate in the romantic spirit of the Pushkin era that has come to us, according to which the image of the girl should include refinement and lightness. The main advantage of such jewelry lies in their price. A small amount of material used will not be too expensive to afford and will be available even to people with an average level of income.
  3. Flora and fauna. Images of various cute little animals, birds or bugs will be advantageous to look at the rings, brooches and pendants. Such fashionable additions will open up around the peculiarities of the character of the hostess, pointing out a special mind and inquisitive nature. Jewelry with floral motifs also continue to be relevant.

The collections of Chopard, one of the leading jewelry houses, are replete with various colors strewn with loose precious stones. But it is worth remembering that such decorations do not tolerate competition, because in order not to look too bright, you should not complement them with other products.

Animal figurines with stones, by the way, can become a talisman for their mistress and even help somewhat correct their character.

And precious stones of different colors enable jewelers to use them for making accessories in the form of fruits and berries. Rubies are similar to black currant, garnet looks great inside the strawberry, and different shades of sapphire make it possible to create real mini-bouquets.

  1. Pearl. This classic jewelry will suit both young girls in the form of a thin thread on the neck, and more mature women who can afford wide pearl bracelets in several rows or a ring, the base of which is made of matte beads.
  2. Chokers. Among the trends of this year, there is a place for one that has become a real breakthrough. Chokers took pride of place in the boxes of fashionistas. They can be made both from precious metals, and from pearls, having the appearance of peculiar "collars", braiding the neck of their mistress.
  3. Enamel. Jewelers around the world have been using this technique for decades. A thin layer of glass is applied to the metal, which gives the product a special look. The smoothness and gloss of the enamel perfectly combines with the stones and advantageously emphasizes them, being a spectacular backdrop.
  4. Boho style. Some fashion trends are so actively used by mods,that they automatically change from one season to another. This story happened with the boho-style, borrowed from the Gypsies. Their love for the fringe perfectly fit into the earrings and pendants, and the aged large-sized silver jewelery fell in favor of bold and extravagant people.
  5. Skeletal rings. Pretty original additions to the image, having the appearance of thin bones, covering the entire phalanx of the finger. As a rule, on the reverse side they have a latch and will be an excellent decoration of informal images for dates and parties.
  6. Hair ornaments. Designers in 2016 did not forget about the hair of the fair sex, giving the opportunity to purchase barrettes covered with gold or silver in the form of starfishes or seashells, ideal for summer. The main condition, presented in the photo of the ornaments, is the maximum realism.
  7. Chains of great thickness. They can simultaneously combine several metals and must have an unusual weaving.

Beautiful and fashionable products from precious metals are an excellent investment, because they can please you, and in the future become an excellent gift that can be inherited. After all, everyone knows that fashion returns sooner or later.

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